Amana Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsAmana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps – In this article we select two models from two different brands and compare them. The models are similarly rated for efficiency with slight differences from brand to brand. Here, we selected Amana ASZC16 Heat Pump for one and Bryant 225B Preferred™ Single-Stage Heat Pump for the other. Both are similarly rated with one contrasting difference between the two. One is single-stage and the other is two-stage. How does this affect you? We’ll explain this in this article.

Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps

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Bryant Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsThe criteria for this comparison in brand versus brand is simple. We will have a chart listing various components and then explain these components and how they can be beneficial to you. We will try to cut through the sales jargon you’ll hear from a salesman and give you the facts for these components. Amana and Bryant are both major manufacturers in the HVAC industry and offer several different types of HVAC systems including heat pumps.

Amana systems are produced under a license by Goodman manufacturing. Goodman has done a great job of making a quality product that can serve you comfortably for years. Bryant is manufactured by the same company that produces Carrier. United Technologies owns the Bryant name along with Carrier. They also produce quality equipment that will keep you comfortable for many years. Both heat pump models listed here are Energy Star rated heat pumps.

Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pump Brand Model Comparisons

Amana Verus Bryant Heat Pump
Feature ComponentAmana ASZC16 Heat PumpBryant 225B Preferred Single-Stage Heat Pump
Thermostat/ControlBuilt-in ComfortBridge compatible with any conventional thermostatCompatible with Bryant® Housewise
CompressorTwo-Stage Copeland® UltraTech scroll compressorSingle-stage scroll*
Dual Fuel CapableYesYes
CabinetHeavy-gauge galvanized steelDurable, sheet metal construction
Highest Efficiency Ratings*Up to 17 SEER & 9.5 HSPFUp to 16 SEER & 9 HSPF
Decibels67 dB68 dB
DiagnosticsCoolCloud Bluetooth DiagnosticsNo advanced diagnostics indicated
High and Low Refrigeration Pressure SwitchesYesYes
AHRI CertifiedYesYes
EnergyStar RatedYesYes
Warranty10-Year Parts Limited Warranty with Lifetime Compressor Warranty10-year parts limited warranty upon registration
Extended Parts & Labor Warranty AvailableSee dealer for availabilitySee dealer for availability
Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pump Brand Model Comparisons

Thermostat or Control | Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps

We start off with the Amana which has what Amana calls ComfortBridge. What is ComfortBridge? It is a built-in control system that minimizes energy use while maintaining comfort. It works with any type of thermostat so you are not stuck with a proprietary thermostat from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can have any type of thermostat you desire to control your system and ComfortBridge will take care of the rest.

The Bryant heat pump is recommended to be used with the Bryant Preferred series thermostats. These are proprietary thermostats. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the thermostat outside of the warranty, you’re on the hook for a new thermostat. What’s more? A new proprietary Bryant thermostat. No off-the-shelf weekend thermostat changeout. You’ll have to depend on a Bryant dealer to bring you a new thermostat if something goes wrong.

While it does not happen frequently, thermostats do go bad. We like the fact that if one does go bad, we can run down to the hardware store, buy a replacement, and repair it ourselves. Therefore, if considering a Bryant, ask the dealer about this before purchase. Can I use my own thermostat in case something goes wrong?

Compressor and Refrigerant | Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps

Bryant has a single-stage scroll compressor while Amana has a two-stage scroll compressor. Both heat pump brands use R-410A refrigerant so there is no difference here. The compressors are what make the difference under this category. How does this affect you? As far as efficiency is concerned both systems have similar ratings for efficiency. Therefore, there is no difference there. It comes down to comfort for this category. A two-stage system will offer better comfort by maintaining even temperatures. This does require a matching air handler with a variable-speed ECM blower.

Heat Pump Modulating Versus Staging

Dual-Fuel and Cabinet | Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps

What is dual-fuel? Dual-fuel is when a heat pump uses a gas furnace for back up heat over electric heat strips. Both systems are dual-fuel compatible. In many cases, when paired with a high-efficiency gas furnace, energy savings can be achieved over systems with backup electric heat strips.

I have only seen a few manufacturers that offer terrible cabinet designs. Cabinets can make a big difference in the protection of the coils. Ease of access is also a concern to service the components. Both brands, in my opinion, do a good job with cabinets in all regards.

Diagnostics and Refrigeration Pressure Switches

Diagnostics for any type of mechanical equipment can aid the technician (and sometimes the homeowner) in diagnosing problems with equipment. In this case, Amana leads the way with CoolCloud. CoolCloud allows a technician to connect to the equipment via Bluetooth. In the CoolCloud program, notes can service history can be maintained. Along with any trouble codes, all this helps diagnose problems easier. That means quicker and more efficient repairs and service of the equipment.

Refrigeration pressure switches are important and can prevent a catastrophic problem. Both Bryant and Amana have high and low-pressure switches to protect the equipment.

Warranties | Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps

Both Amana and Bryant have similar warranties for parts. The Amana heat pump system offers a much better warranty on the compressor. The Amana heat pump has a lifetime limited warranty on the compressor. Terms and exclusions apply for all warranties so make sure you ask questions. Read the warranties and understand them. If you do not understand them to make sure to ask lots of questions before the purchase.


From looking at everything I give the edge to the Amana heat pump. It boils down to either comfort or price. The Amana takes the lead on the comfort with their two-stage. If you are looking at either of these two heat pumps in a bid from a contractor I would prioritize this way:

  1. The quality of the contractor comes first. It is crucial that the system is installed properly according to manufacturers, engineering, and code requirements. A quality contractor will make sure the system is installed taking all that into consideration.
  2. Comfortability and efficiency - these are very important and practically the whole point of getting a new system.
  3. Budget

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Amana Versus Bryant Heat Pumps