Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps - In this comparison matrix rundown we compare the mid-grade heat pump models from Carrier to Rheem. We selected similar models with similar efficiency ranges for comparison of the technical components side by side. This is not an exhaustive list of technical components or features from one manufacturer to the next. Instead, we offer basic features and components for a side-by-side comparison to help you understand. Detailed explanations for these items are listed below the comparison matrix table.
Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Carrier Verus Rheem Heat Pumps
PERFORMANCE™ 16 HEAT PUMP 25HCB6Classic Plus Series: Three-Stage (RP17)
ThermostatCompatible with Carrier Cor ThermostatCompatible with Rheem EcoNet Thermostat
CompressorSingle-Stage or Two-StageInverter Duty Three-Stage
Dual Fuel CapableYesYes
CabinetLouvered Coil GuardsCurved Louvered Panels
Highest Efficiency Ratings*17.5 SEER/9.5 HSPF18.5 SEER/10.5 HSPF
DecibelsAs low as 70 DecibelsLess Than 75.6 for all Units/Capacities
DiagnosticsNot ListedWith EcoNet Control System
InverterNo/Indoor fan motor on matched systemsCompressor/Indoor fan motor on matched systems
High and Low Refrigeration Pressure SwitchesYesYes
AHRI CertifiedYesYes
EnergyStar RatedAll sizes meet ENERGY STAR? qualifications when matched with indoor unitAll sizes meet ENERGY STAR? qualifications when matched with indoor unit
Warranty10 Year Limited Parts 10 Years Conditional Unit Replacement and 10 Year?Parts
Extended Parts & Labor Warranty AvailableOptional labor warranty availableNot specified. Check with Dealer
Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Thermostats – Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Thermostats - It is important for you to understand that various manufacturers make their very own brand of thermostats specifically designed to work only with their equipment. In some situations, this can be beneficial to you, however, sometimes not. In the case of communicating thermostats, you want to be careful.

The wire that ran to install these thermostats is not similar to your typical everyday thermostat. It will not work on a typical thermostat. This takes options away from you in the future if the thermostat were to go bad for one reason or the other. Or just say you want to change to a different thermostat in the future. If you have the communicating thermostat and you want to change you will have to run a new thermostat wire.

Therefore, to avoid this in the future, simply make a request to the contractor. The contractor can run a regular heat pump thermostat wire (18-10) along with the communicating thermostat wire. This will give you options in the future if you want or need to change the thermostat.

Compressors – Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Compressors are the heart of your refrigeration system for a heat pump or an air conditioner. Compressors also consume the most power of any component in the system. Therefore, a compressor that saves you money will be efficient.

Rheem SEER

Carrier SEER

Rheem HSPF

Carrier HSPF

Carrier lists only a two-stage compressor for their heat pump while Rheem lists a three-stage compressor for their heat pump system. The two-stage compressor likely is not an inverter duty compressor instead simply relying on a staging plate in the compressor to offer the two stages of cooling and heating.

The Rheem heat pump is inverter duty which means it will modulate through the three stages offered by Rheem according to what the controller tells it to run at for staging. If its high demand then it will run 100% but if it is low demand it runs at the lowest level. There is also another stage and I am only surmising but it probably is somewhere in the middle of mediocre demand level. This is all good and goes one step beyond what Carrier does with their similar heat pump.

Similar Features – Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps

Refrigerant - R-410A Both Carrier and Rheem use R-410A so there is nothing different here.

Dual Fuel Capable - Both Rheem and Carrier offer this feature. A dual fuel heat pump is a heat pump that uses refrigeration to produce heating and cooling but when you need backup heat (as most air-source heat pumps require) a gas furnace kicks in and gives you backup heat. Most air-source heat pumps are installed with electric heat strips for backup heat.

Cabinet - One on hand you want louvered panels to protect the coils but on the other hand you want to have free access to the coils for cleaning when maintenance time arrives. Bother Carrier heat pumps and Rheem heat pumps have louvered panels.

Decibels - Another consideration is the noise level of the units. While both Carrier and Rheem are similar from going through all the documentation and research for this article it seems Rheem put a lot more into engineering a quiet heat pump including a specialized reversing valve. Another consideration for this feature is the placement of the new heat pump condenser. Do you spend a lot of time on your patio? Or perhaps it is not a good idea to install the new condenser right near a window so it doesn’t bother people when they are sleeping.

High and Low-Pressure Switches - both manufacturers listed this as a feature and it is beneficial to you.

Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps - Warranties

Never forget to register your new equipment with the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer only a limited amount of time for you to register otherwise they won’t honor any warranty. Additionally, we always recommend purchasing an extended part and labor warranty for your heat pump system. Every customer that I ever served that had an extended PARTS & LABOR warranty were always happy customers.

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Carrier Versus Rheem Heat Pumps