Goodman Versus Carrier Air ConditionersGoodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Comparing Goodman to Carrier is not a difficult thing to do for an HVAC technician or someone in the HVAC industry. However, comparing premium models from Goodman to Carrier depends on what you are looking for in an air conditioner.

Of course, it is difficult for Goodman to beat Carrier in the SEER department for their premium model air conditioner but there are pluses and minuses for everything. Let’s look at the comparison matrix and then analyze each feature one at a time.

Goodman Versus Carrier Premium Air Conditioner Models Comparison Matrix
Goodman DSXC18 Central Air ConditionerCarrier Infinity 21 24 ANB1 Central Air Conditioner
Two-Stage Copeland® UltraTech™ Scroll CompressorVariable-speed rotary, two-stage and single-stage scroll compressors available - some models come with a two-stage compressor
Up to 18 SEER PerformanceUp to 21.0 SEER rating
High-density foam compressor sound blanket - Noise levels to 74 DecibelsSilencer System II™, dBA as low as 56
Heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with sound control topWeatherArmor™ Ultra cabinet protection
ComfortNet™ Communications System compatibleInfinity® Touch Control
R-410A RefrigerantR-410A Refrigerant
Humidity control in air conditioner modeEnhanced comfort with precise humidity control - Requires Infinity Control
ECM Condenser Fan Motor - Two-stageECM Condenser Fan Motor - Modulating
????High and Low Refrigeration pressure Switches
Lifetime Limited Warranty*10 year limited parts warranty*

Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Compressors

air conditioners goodman carrier comparisonThe compressors are similar if you get the two-stage scroll compressor in the Carrier condensing unit versus getting the variable-speed rotary compressor which like;y costs way more than the two-stage compressor. The reason staging is important in air conditioners is that 90 percent of the time you do not need to run your air conditioner at 100% capacity to get desired results.

A simple single-stage system will run at 100% all the time even when the demand is lower. Staging means you will use less energy when the demand is lower to get the same results.

Take staging a step further and making the system modulate requires extra controls and an inverter to make the compressor modulate based on demand. Carrier has that ability when you get the model with the variable-speed rotary compressor. If I was going to get that model I would definitely do the math to see what the ROI (Return on Investment) was compared to the two-stage model air conditioner they offer.

Also, keep in mind the cost of repairs if something goes wrong. It will take a trained expert technician to troubleshoot the system and that means you will likely be stuck with the contractor you bought the unit from to make that happen. Not all contractors are bad but everyone has a disagreement from time to time and the important part is that you get competent service from someone you trust.

Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Performance, Sound, and Durability

Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsThese are all very important to many people and some people do not give it any thought when they are purchasing a new system. Performance means your electric bill will be less than it was with the old unit.

Both Goodman and Carrier premium models are very efficient compared to lower models offered so paying a little extra for a premium model will hurt less when the monthly electric bill arrives and it is surprisingly less than with the older unit.

Always compare the ROI from model to model based on the SEER level and the amount you will save. Every salesman should have a chart to show you the savings based on the model and SEER level you are buying.

Sound. I know many people complain about the sound of the condenser especially when they are sitting outside on the patio and the air conditioner kicks on. This is an installation issue as well as a sound quality issue. Make sure you realize this when it comes time for a new unit and make sure you go over this issue with the installation contractor to make sure the condenser is installed in a place where any noise will be minimized.

Durability. Who doesn’t want their new air conditioner to last forever whether it is a Goodman or a Carrier? As far as cabinets go both Goodman and Carrier got you covered. Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules especially if you reside near the ocean or another corrosive area.

Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Control and Diagnostics

Goodman Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsControl essentially comes from you the owner of the equipment via the thermostat. Newer OEM thermostats (which are proprietary meaning forget about buying your own and replacing it with an off-the-shelf thermostat) have newer features with some having WiFi abilities and advanced diagnostics features that can tell you something is wrong with the system.

Some of the WiFi thermostats also have remote monitoring and control features. This helps when you are on vacation and completely forgot to set the thermostat for vacation mode or temperature. With remote control and monitoring, you can use your smartphone or go online with any computer and type in a password and change everything to your heart’s content.

Or say it’s a lazy Sunday morning and you don’t want to get out of bed. You reach for your smartphone and access the thermostat and change the temperature to whatever you desire. Carrier offers this in their top-of-the-line thermostat models and along with monitoring temperature it also monitors humidity and the equipment. Goodman also offers this feature on their top-of-the-line thermostat.

Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners - Refrigerant, Humidity Control, and ECM Condenser Fan Motors

Refrigerant - Both Carrier and Goodman air conditioners come with R-410A refrigerant which is good. R-410A is currently the most extensively used refrigerant in residential and light commercial systems. This makes it widely available and cheap if needed for your air conditioner.

Humidity Control - In the summertime, you want humidity control inside your house. High humidity leads to discomfort even if the temperature is low and your air conditioner, when controlled properly, will remove excess humidity from your home. It works with a variable speed ECM blower motor that can modulate the airflow.

At startup, the motor turns at approximately 50% of the needed speed. It does this for approximately 7 minutes before it ramps up to 100%. This causes the evaporator coil to absorb more humidity from the air and drain it outside via your condensation drain. Both Goodman air conditioners and Carrier air conditioners offer this feature in their premium models.

Premium Components | Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners

Variable Speed ECM Condenser Fan Motors

Variable Speed ECM Fan Motor

ECM Condenser Fan Motors - From reading the specification sheets from both manufacturers I am not sure they have ECM condenser fan motors in their air conditioners as they are both vague on that feature. I can only imagine that Carrier has an ECM variable-speed condenser fan motor with their variable capacity refrigeration system but can’t be 100% certain.

At the time of this writing, I have not gotten any response from my contacts at Goodman or Carrier to tell me about this feature. Make sure you ask the salesman???? ECM condenser fan motors can vary the speed of the condenser fan based on demand so you save energy when the demand is lower.

Low and High-Pressure Refrigeration Switches – Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier lists this feature but Goodman does not. That does not mean that Goodman’s air conditioner does not come without these features in their premium models but to make sure ask the salesman. High and Low-pressure refrigeration switches can save the unit in the event of a major problem.

Warranties - I am a firm believer in extended warranties especially on high price items and especially on air conditioning and heating systems. A good warranty will protect you. Additionally, with the extended warranty, some manufacturers offer parts and labor warranty. You will never get this as the stand-alone warranty that comes the unit so expect to pay extra for it but from my experience with any manufacturer, it is well worth it as labor rates are pretty high and this will protect you in the future.

Most warranties, including the warranties that come with these units, are non-transferrable and only cover limited parts. Hope this helps you make the best decision for either a Goodman air conditioner or a Carrier air conditioner.

Compressor Warranties – Goodman Versus Carrier Air Conditioners

The most expensive component in your air conditioner is the compressor so it is important you get a great warranty on the compressor. Many manufacturers will include more time on the compressor in the warranty than for other components. Here is an overview of the various models and the warranties for those systems:

Goodman Air Conditioner Warranty
  • GSXC18/DSXC18 is covered under a limited lifetime warranty for the compressor and a 10-year limited warranty for parts. The compressor in this model is a two-stage scroll.
  • All other models match or very slightly on all other Goodman Air Conditioner Warranties. Always read the warranty details and never forget to register the Goodman air conditioner warranty within 60 days of installation.
  • Make sure to follow the guidelines in the warranty for basic maintenance and care. Goodman air conditioner warranties only include parts and not labor. We always recommend purchasing extended parts and a labor warranty is available from the manufacturer or dealer as noted above.
Carrier Air Conditioner Warranty
  • Carrier seems to have a one size fits all warranty for the Carrier air conditioner warranty. Again as noted above, make sure you register on time from the installation date, read the entire warranty so you understand it, and comply with basic requirements for maintenance and care. Again, we always recommend any extended parts AND LABOR warranty if it is offered by the manufacturer or the dealer.


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