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Central Air Conditioner Reviews - Here you will the editor’s technical reviews for specific brands and some air conditioner brand models plus consumer opinions for specific brands in the comments section below the technical air conditioner review. If you have any questions or comments to the staff here at High Performance HVAC please use our contact form. For our central air conditioner reviews criteria see the bottom of the page.

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Broan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Broan air conditioners offer the low-end air conditioner beginning at 13 SEER and the high-end Broan air conditioner comes in at a whopping 20 SEER which is hard to beat for any air-source air conditioner. Broan air...

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Trane Air Conditioner Reviews – Consumer Ratings

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Trane offers nearly a dozen different models for air conditioning systems ranging from 13 SEER to 21 SEER models that can be matched with their air handlers or gas furnaces. If done properly you may also integrate...

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Central Air Conditioner Reviews

Above you find the listings for many different air conditioner brands. We have a basic criterion when we review central air conditioner brands for you. We are rarely critical for any central air conditioner review but rather we stick to the technical aspects of each central air conditioner system explaining to you what the features and components are and if these features and components of the central air conditioner systems help you either increase efficiency or increase comfort. When you are deciding on a new central air conditioner purchase there are various factors to note for the new purchase. Since it is a major purchase for a home or business the right decisions can lead to many years of efficient comfort while making a wrong decision can lead to numerous problems and frustrations. We hope to help you avoid those problems and frustration.

Consumer Ratings and Reviews for Central Air Conditioners

While I am not making the claim that some of the reviews from consumers are disingenuous I will say it is likely that that particular consumer who made the negative review made a bad decision when they purchased their new central air conditioner system. We offer advice here that will help you since it is a complicated issue. It is not like purchasing a new care. You have to select the equipment and find the best contractor to help you in deciding what brand and what efficiency level to buy. These things can be quite complicated and this is why we offer lots of advice here to give you an edge to improve your chances of getting that new central air conditioner system that will give you many years of comfort and efficiency. Here is a listing for you to consider when purchasing a new central air conditioner:

Buying a New Central Air Conditioner

  • Finding the best contractor - more than likely the contractor is going to be a dealer of a specific brand and he is going to show you brochures and advise you throughout the purchase. That’s fine but make sure you do your homework first to determine the contractor does quality work and secondly that they will make sure to recommend ancillary work that needs to be done. For example your duct work. Has it been existing as long as your old unit has? If so, has the contractor made the determination that it is correctly sized and have proper airtight integrity?
  • Has the contractor performed a load calculation (Manual J for the system and Manual D for the ductwork)? If they have not then I would not use that contractor as they are only guessing. With a major purchase for a new central air conditioner, I don’t want anyone guessing. This also shows that they cut corners rather than doing quality work. If they are going to cut corners on a load calculation how many corners are they going to cut installing the system?
  • Are they going to replace the line set? If not is the old line set going to be flushed out and is it the proper size to handle the new system? If this is not done right it can lead to problems with your compressor. While you will have a manufacturers warranty you will still be paying for labor. It’s not cheap to replace a compressor even just paying for labor.
  • Does the contractor have their own personal warranty for the workmanship of the installation?
  • Are they going to get a permit for the new installation? If not, why?

Central Air Conditioner Reviews - Conclusion

There are many questions the consumer needs to know the answers to before signing a contractor with a contractor and hading them a pile of cash for the work and equipment. This part, dealing with the contractor, is far more important than any brand. Make sure you do your homework so you can come back here in the near future and make a positive review of your new central air conditioner system.

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