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HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings for New Heating and Cooling Systems

HVAC Reviews | Consumer RatingsHVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings - In the Air Conditioning & Heating Reviews category we cover nearly all manufacturer brands and types of air conditioning and heating systems. Above you will find top rankings for various HVAC equipment and brands to help you get started. Use the main menu to the right to read comments of equipment or make a comment and rank your HVAC equipment. HVAC Reviews are available in the main menu at the top.

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NOTE: We get a lot of email from people requesting reviews of specific model numbers and equipment and it is nearly impossible for us to make reviews on every single request as we have a limited staff. The best way to get your review request fulfilled is first make a review of your current equipment that you have. Regardless of the age we want to know if the equipment has been reliable and worked out well for you and your comfort needs. Even if equipment is old it still provides a record of the manufacturers equipment and the quality or non-quality that went into the equipment. It is all free with no hitches for making reviews or submitting new listings. When you email us with a request to review specific new equipment you are considering purchasing we will use the email address to match up to your review and then fulfill the request usually within a few days.

HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings - How We Rate Products

Boiler ReviewsIn late 2010 High Performance HVAC went through some fundamental changes in staff and the way we rate HVAC products at HVAC Reviews. We will make a technical review of the products and then let the public make the comments. We will no longer issue “Caution Alerts” or “Don’t Buy” tags on products but simply offer a technical analysis of the products we choose to rate and review. It will be up to the general public to make specific recommendations of the equipment. As we move along throughout the coming new year and beyond we hope to bring the general public new reviews that will help them make the decision of what equipment is best for them to choose. Good luck and if you would like to have a specific model number evaluated for technical analysis please read the above and submit a review for your specific air conditioner, gas furnace, or other HVAC equipment and then email us and let us know you made a review. That will put you at the head of the line of others.

HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings


HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings and Heating and Cooling Equipment Opinions

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