rheem versus goodman air conditioners
Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners - The first thing we need to do when comparing a Rheem to a Goodman air conditioning system is to make sure we are comparing similar models with similar features.

Each HVAC manufacturer makes various models from a builder’s grade unit which is usually the HVAC manufacturer’s cheapest model all the way up to the unit that has bells and whistles and some of these have bells and whistles for the bells and whistles. You simply want to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and not an apple to an orange.

Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners

The next thing we need to do when comparing HVAC equipment is to look at the HVAC contractor installing the equipment. If you get a lousy installer or contractor forget about name brand because the HVAC system WILL NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY if it is not installed properly.

Also, the unit will not have the same life expectancy, will fail prematurely, and will need to be replaced sooner than if the HVAC equipment is installed properly in the first place. Out of any buyers advice about air conditioning and heating equipment that someone can give you this is probably the most important part.

Goodman DSXC18 vs. Rheem Prestige Series Models RARL-JEZ and RASL-JEZ Premium Models Comparison Matrix

Rheem Prestige Series Models RARL-JEZ and RASL-JEZ Key Features

Goodman DSXC18 Air Conditioner Key Features

 Communicates “fault codes” to enabled “L terminal” thermostatsComfortNet™ Communication System compatible (optional)
Humidity control with a matched indoor air handler/gas furnace with ECM blowerHumidity control with a matched indoor air handler
All models meet or exceed a 1000-hour salt spray test per ASTM B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray Testing ApparatusCopper coils with aluminum fins – although Goodman is making the switch to aluminum like many other manufacturers.
Full-Side Louvered PanelsFull-Side Louvered Panels
Two-Stage Scroll™ CompressorTwo-Stage Scroll™ Compressor has two-stage operation for ultimate comfort with lots of diagnostic features for easier troubleshooting
High and Low Pressure Refrigeration Switches for pressure controlHigh and Low Pressure Refrigeration Switches for pressure control
Multi-stage Fan – ECM Variable Speed Condenser Fan Motor in 5-ton units onlyTwo-Speed Condenser Fan Motor
R410A RefrigerantR-410A refrigerant
Rugged durable cabinetRugged durable cabinet
Sound Insulator on CompressorsEngineered for quiet operation
 The Comfort Control System™ provides on-board diagnostics and fault history for condensing unitsEnhanced diagnostics with diagnostic memory to retain historical air conditioner problems and assist technician air conditioner troubleshooting and repair.
10 Year Parts limited warranty when properly installed with a new Rheem air handler10 year parts warranty and a Lifetime limited warranty on the compressor
Energy Star Rated up to 18.5 SEEREnergy Star Rated up to 18 SEER

As one can tell by reviewing the Goodman Vs Rheem comparison matrix things can get a little confusing for the average consumer especially with all the techno-descriptions so we’ll do our best to translate all this and break it down for you.

Feature Descriptions | Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners

Communication Ability – this is not what you think it is at first glance. Both Goodman and Rheem have this feature and basically, it reduces the number of wires needs to wire the system together and the diagnostics controls can communicate with the thermostat to tell a technician what is wrong with the system or what fault codes the system is sending out. A few other manufacturers have systems that you can communicate with over the internet but this does not have that capability.

Humidity Control – Rheem’s and Goodman offer humidity control for the air conditioner or heat pump installation and basically it works like this – for the first five to 10 minutes when the air conditioner starts the fan will run at a reduced speed.

The bonus to this feature is that the evaporator coil will remove more humidity from the air when the fan is running at a slower speed. Humidity removal is very important for comfort in the summertime. Both systems have this feature only with a matched air handler to go with the condenser.

Aluminum or Copper Coils – Typically the HVAC industry has used copper coils surrounded by aluminum fins but many are changing over to aluminum coils and fins because the cost of copper is ever increasing. Fins increase the surface area of the coils and thereby increase the heat exchange efficiency of the coils. Rheem and Goodman have used copper coils with aluminum fins which are the industry standard but both are changing over to aluminum coils.

It’s a toss-up with these two options have the heat exchange ratios are very close, however, I would lean towards the copper coils over the aluminum coils as copper is more durable than aluminum. Copper can also be easily repaired in the field while the aluminum coils need to be replaced if they are damaged. The industry is changing slowly to all-aluminum coils but everyone is not there yet. The above link takes you to an article that explains the pros and cons of both aluminum and copper.

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Full Side Louvered Panels – These panels are necessary to protect the coils from damage.

Two-Stage Cooling – Rheem, and Goodman use a two-stage scroll compressor for staging. The Two-stage Scroll compressor systems are reliable and have proven themselves over time.

Multi-Stage Fan/Variable Speed ECM Blower and Condenser Fan Motors – In high SEER equipment, it is recommended to have the variable speed ECM blower and condenser fan motors for efficient operation of both the blower motor and the condenser fan motor. Just because the motor is an ECM blower motor or an ECM condenser fan motor does not mean it is variable speed. That all depends on the control of the motor but an ECM motor can be staged depending on the controls and the ECM motors are more efficient than the standard PSC motors in high use throughout the HVAC industry. This is high SEER equipment in both the Rheem and the Goodman so these motors should be ECM motors. Additionally, with the ECM blowers, you get better humidity control in the summer.

Refrigerant – R-410A is used in both Goodman and Rheem.

Weather-Resistant/Sound Features – These are self-explanatory and definitely a plus especially on the sound levels which happens to be one of the biggest complaints about new HVAC equipment.

Enhanced Diagnostics (Goodman and Rheem Listed Feature) – This is a good feature and these advanced diagnostic features usually help the technician find a problem fast but not always.

Warranties – Both Rheem and Goodman warranties are good warranties. Make sure you get a good installer to install either system. And read the warranty itself so there are no surprises in the future. Some manufacturers offer extended parts and labor warranties which I always recommended to consumers of high-dollar equipment. If they have a ten-year parts and labor warranty for an extra fee I recommend purchasing it as long as the extra fee is reasonable.

That means over a ten-year period you will pay zero for any repair. Goodman wins on the warranty for the limited lifetime compressor warranty but check with Rheem and see if they will match it.

Energy Star Rated – Both Goodman and Rheem are Energy Star rated air conditioners.

Buying Experience

Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem and Goodman Warranties are both good and similar

If you want the rated efficiency of the condenser you would be smart to match it with the appropriate air handler otherwise you would not see the efficiency level rating on the condenser. That applies to all manufacturers. It would also make sense to get a good Indoor Air Quality package and purchase the optional electronic air cleaner and the whole house humidifier which will keep your air cleaner and save you money in the winter, respectively.

Of course, all this will add to the final price of the system but why buy a Cadillac without the bells and whistles? The Goodman system is the same as Rheem where one can buy it piece by piece. It is always recommended with high SEER equipment that matching equipment is installed. This means the air handler should be matched to the condenser to get the rated efficiency levels listed on the equipment.

Pros and Cons | Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners

After looking at all the pros and cons and features of the Rheem Air Conditioner and the Goodman Air Conditioner it is a close call and the deciding factor for me will always be the contractor. Again, the golden rule for any type of HVAC work is the correct installation of the equipment. Quality installation is key to a properly operating and efficient new HVAC system.

Conclusion | Goodman versus Rheem Air Conditioners

One last thing about buying an air conditioner is replacement parts. For the average Rheem and Goodman air conditioning unit, there are after-market parts available from many different resources. For these units, the high-efficiency models, many of the parts will be OEM specific or proprietary to each manufacturer so you will have to get parts from the specific manufacturer. When you buy proprietary replacement parts from a manufacturer expect to pay a higher than usual cost for these parts and this is true for both Rheem and Goodman.

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