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Airease Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer RatingsAirease Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Airease offers split system heat pumps from single-stage up to variable capacity high-efficiency models that offer premium performance. HSPF ratings for Airease heat pumps range from 8.5 for their baseline model up to 10 HSPF for the premium model. HSPF is a way of measuring heat pump efficiency and translates to Heat Seasonal Performance Factor. HSPF only measures the efficiency of the heat pump in heating mode. In cooling mode, SEER is used to measure the efficiency of the heat pump.

Airease Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Airease breaks their systems down into three basic models:

  • Variable-Capacity Performance offers the highest efficiency ratings
  • Two-Stage Performance offers mid-range efficiency levels
  • And Single-Stage Performance is the no-frills baseline model for Airease
Variable-Capacity Performance Model - Airease Heat Pump Reviews

The Variable-Capacity model offers an inverter driven scroll compressor that modulates based on demand. This offers precision control and results in energy savings from the standard single-stage models which only runs at one speed, 100%. While single-stage air conditioners and heat pumps are the most common, they are also the least efficient. The systems will turn on and run at 100%, satisfy the thermostat (temperature setting), and then turn on again. A lot of electricity usage is done on startup with single-stage systems.  With variable-capacity inverter systems, this is eliminated through the soft start control of the system which results in less electricity usage. Additionally, a variable capacity system only runs at the speed necessary to satisfy demand.

Airease Heat Pump Top SEER Rating

Airease Heat Pump Top HSPF Rating

Two-Stage Performance - Airease Heat Pump Reviews

While two-stage heat pumps are not as efficient as the variable-capacity models they are more efficient than the single stage models. At the heart of the two-stage system is the two-stage scroll compressor. The two-stage system will run at 100% only the heavy demand days or the hottest or coldest of days. At other times, when low demand will satisfy the setpoint temperature, the system will run at the lower stage saving in electricity usage. Of course, proper setup is necessary including a two-stage thermostat which should be installed when the new system is installed.

Single-Stage Performance - Airease Heat Pump Reviews

For the budget minded there are the Airease single-stage heat pump models. Of course, this is for the budget minded when the system is installed. The single-stage system is not the most economical system when it comes to operating cost. Despite that, the baseline Airease heat pump does offer a 15 SEER efficiency rating which is likely higher than the SEER rating of the current model you now own. That would be an improvement over what you are currently now using for heating and cooling.

Installation Considerations - Airease Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer Ratings

It doesn’t matter which model or brand name you choose to purchase the most important part of buying a new HVAC system, even heat pumps, is a competent HVAC contractor. Proper installation is essential to the proper operation and longevity of the HVAC system. It all begins with doing a proper load calculation and evaluation of the older components in the system. The duct work, electrical system, and refrigeration lineset are considerations for upgrade and replacement when purchasing new equipment.

Airease Heat Pump Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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