Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsAmana ASZ18 Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings . The Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump is Amana’s premiere heat pump. The ASZ18 has an efficiency of 18 SEER for air conditioning mode and 9.5 HSPF for heating mode. One of the best features for the Amana ASZ18 heat pump is the warranty that comes with the compressor. Amana offers a lifetime limited warranty for the compressor. The remaining parts covered are by a 10-year limited warranty. The ASZ18 Amana heat pump uses R410-A. High Performance HVAC recommends you purchase a new heat pump or air conditioner with R-410-A versus R-22 units.

Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

Select features of the Amana ASX18 heat pump are:

Technical Opinion as Compared to Other Brands

  • Amana Warranties 96%
  • Amana Quality 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 85%
  • Amana Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 99%
  • Overall Amana Opinion from a Technical Perspective 95%
  • R-410A Refrigerant - in long run this feature will save you money. Avoid buying R-22 units. Replace with R-410A heat pumps.
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor - this allows you to have two-stages of operation in the cooling and the heating mode. When the temperatures are mild the unit will run at the lower speed using less energy
  • Good insulation around the compressor for quiet operation
  • High and Low-pressure switches - this should be standard in all air conditioner and heat pumps. It will save you if there is ever a failure of a component or a refrigerant loss. These two switches basically protect the compressor if there is a problem
  • Charged for 15′ of line-set. This feature is a departure from what manufacturers include with air conditioner and heat pump systems. Typical with R-22 refrigerant is enough refrigerant for a line set of 25′.
  • Bi-Flow liquid line filter drier which is another industry standard
  • Liquid refrigerant return protection. Yes, it is called an accumulator and every sane heat pump manufacturer includes accumulators in all their heat pumps.

ASZC18 - Heat Pumps SEER Rating

ASZC18 - Heat Pumps HSPF Rating

Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Conclusion

This is a good heat pump and Amana has a good reputation. Amana backs their equipment up with great warranties including this heat pump.

For more information on Amana and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Amana website.

Heat Pump Reviews

Amana ASZ18 Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings

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