Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsWestinghouse Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Westinghouse Heat Pumps enter the heat pump market with a Nordyne manufactured line of heat pumps for residential and light commercial applications. The split system line of Westinghouse heat pumps ranges from 13 SEER all the way up to 20 SEER which is rated as efficient as some geothermal heat pump systems.

Everyone who reads the reviews here at High Performance HVAC knows we are sticklers about manufacturer’s claims about efficiency but Westinghouse, or rather Nordyne, does something no one else does except the mini-split manufacturers and that is introduced inverter technology to the split system.

Westinghouse has met the efficiency rating certified by AHRI which the industry testing institute for certifying efficiency ratings. Select features of select Westinghouse heat pumps include:

Westinghouse Heat Pump Top HSPF Rating

Westinghouse Heat Pump Top SEER Rating

Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • The system modulates from 40% to 118% (select units). This is based on demand and it saves money and the life of the equipment. Most heat pumps start and stop several times a day. The modulating of the heat pump means the system runs longer but only at the level necessary to satisfy demand. Electrical and mechanical equipment that frequently starts and stops all day long experiences a shorter lifespan and uses more energy to start.
  • Engineered for quiet operation down to 59 decibels
  • All Westinghouse heat pump models use R-410A refrigerant
  • Units that exceed EnergyStar Heat Pump ratings available
  • Select heat pumps use a communicating system for monitoring and diagnostics.
  • 10-year all parts warranty upon timely and valid registration. We recommend registering your heat pump as soon as possible after installation.

Air Source Heat Pump Tips | Dual Fuel Heating

A dual fuel heat pump is a heat pump with a gas furnace for backup heating rather than electric heat strips.

Air source heat pumps have a backup heating source. In most installations, the backup heating source is electric heat strips. Electric heat strips are very cheap to install in most cases. However, while electricity is generally regarded as 100% efficient, producing it is more costly than other heating methods. For a more efficient heat pump, consider a dual fuel heat pump, or a heat pump with a gas furnace for the backup heat source. It will be more costly to install, but your monthly bills will be reduced.

Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Inverter technology allows the unit to use only the amount of energy necessary to satisfy the load provided the unit is installed and controlled properly. In a normal air conditioner or heat pump, the unit will run flat out at 100% to satisfy the demand even when there is only a 50% load. If the unit is installed properly and regular maintenance occurs you can expect the system to give you the most efficiency.

Westinghouse seems to have a good quality control check in place so before the units leave the factory they are checked over and over again for quality. Westinghouse backs this up with a 10-year parts warranty and a quality pledge.

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For more information on the Westinghouse warranty and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Westinghouse website.

Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Westinghouse Heat Pump Reviews