This heat pump buyers guide is designed to help you get the best of your purchasing a new heat pump. Before signing any contract, including for heat pumps, it is crucial to consult with the installation contractor. Sizing the system correctly is of utmost importance for both air conditioners and heat pumps. A Manual J calculation should be provided by the contractor, and if not, it is advisable not to proceed with the contract. Neglecting this step can significantly impact the efficiency of both heating and cooling.

Noise levels also play a significant role when purchasing a new system. Make sure to review the product literature and ensure that the rated decibel levels are suitable for your needs. Avoid the mistake of investing in a system that will cause continuous frustration due to excessive noise throughout its lifespan.

Another important consideration is the geographical location in relation to the balance point of the heat pump. The balance point is reached in winter when the outdoor temperature drops below a specific point, and the system starts to fall behind. This is when the backup heat source is activated. Each type of heat pump has its own unique balance point, so it is vital to discuss this with the contractor before finalizing the contract.

HVAC Equipment Warranties

Warranties are a crucial aspect to consider when purchasing HVAC equipment. A manufacturer that believes in the quality of their equipment will have qualified and well-trained contractors, as well as offer a basic warranty that provides decent coverage for the equipment. It is essential to fully understand the warranty terms before signing the contract.

Many people overlook the fact that most warranties only cover parts and not labor when buying new HVAC equipment. Additionally, it is important to register the warranty within the manufacturer’s specified timeframe after installation. Although reading warranties may not be the most exciting task, it is necessary to comply with all the conditions outlined in the warranty.

Conclusion | Heat Pump Buyers Guide

Purchasing a new heat pump system involves numerous factors to consider. By making informed decisions, you can enjoy many years of efficient heating and cooling. Prioritizing efficiency will also help reduce energy bills in the long run. Lowering utility bills and saving energy benefits not only your budget but also the environment. We sincerely hope that our Buyers Guide assists you in making the right choice for your new HVAC system.

Heat Pump Buyers Guide Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost? What price can I expect to pay for a heat pump? does not give out pricing for HVAC equipment simply because every customer has different requirements as well as contractors. You can call 10 different contractors for an estimate and you will get 10 different prices. HVAC equipment pricing will vary widely depending on:

  • the amount of work needed to be done by the contractor
  • do you need new ductwork or old ductwork repaired
  • local and regional regulations and codes
  • the heat pump brand or manufacturer
  • the capacity or size of the system you purchase
What is the best brand of heat pump to buy?

This is a question that requires an opinion. It is like asking ten people what is the best brand of car to buy? Everyone will likely give you different answers. Therefore, recommends you go with the best contractor. The reason for this is because a new heat pump system that will be efficient and reliable will require expert installation. Workmanship and skill is important especially when installing a new HVAC system. You can purchase the best of the best rated HVAC system but if it is not installed properly the system will not function as designed and it will to be efficient or reliable. In this case, choosing a good contractor is the best advice we can give you.

Additionally, different contractors use different brands. A good contractor that sells brand A is going to stand by that product. They are familiar with it and know the pluses and minuses of the equipment including its limitations. A good contractor will always be honest with their customers upfront about everything. Always get at least three estimates from different contractors that you vetted. Therefore, it is always contractor over brand.

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