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Here you will the editors technical reviews for specific brands and some boiler brand models plus consumer opinions for specific brands in the comments section below the technical boiler review. If you have any questions or comments to the staff here at High Performance HVAC please use our contact form.


Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Burnham Boiler Reviews - Burnham offers boilers with efficiency ranges from 81% AFUE to 95% AFUE. They are the only HVAC manufacturer High Performance HVAC has found that publishes the certifications of efficiency certificates from GAMA (now AHRI) . Burnham Boiler...

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Crown Aruba 3 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Crown Aruba 3 Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Richard, I'm considering purchasing a Crown Aruba 3 boiler model# AW1128. Your web page suggested that I e-mail you to get a technical review. I thought it was a great idea! I'm considering installing this Crown boiler...

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Slant Fin Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Slant Fin Boiler Reviews - Slant Fin offers boilers with efficiency ranges from 82% AFUE to 95% AFUE for the Slant Fin line-up of gas-fired boilers for residential heating applications. Slant Fin also offers a full line of oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, radiant...

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