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Common Air Handler Problems & Maintenance Schedules

Common Air Handler Problems . Everyone loves to be comfortable so when there is a problem with the HVAC system we can become very uncomfortable. The air handler in the HVAC system has electrical and mechanical components in it that can experience problems...

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Air Handler Water Coil Freeze Stat | Freezing Protection Control

Air Handler Water Coil Freeze Stat - The HVAC Air Handler Freeze Stat is a low-temperature limit control and it is used mainly in commercial systems in the duct work on economizers or in air handlers just before any coil especially water coils. It is a...

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Preventive Maintenance Air Handlers | York AHU’s

Preventive Maintenance Air Handlers - These air handlers provide air conditioning for a zoned VAV system. The air handler is an integral part of an air conditioner system. The air handler contains a blower, air filters, some coils (DX or chilled water), hot water...

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Air Handler Coils | HVAC AHU

The air handler coils should be checked for dirt and debris which may have been sucked into the air handler inadvertently. Some air handlers have the filters inside them before the coils. It is a good time to change the filters when making this check. Any dirt or...

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Air Handler Cabinet | HVAC Components

The air handler cabinet is made of sheet metal and simply acts as a duct to guide the air through and to protect the air handler components and to protect people from the air handler components. Depending on the manufacturer will depend on the color of the unit. Trane...

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Air Handler Components

Air Handler Components. This article will take different types of air handlers and disassemble them part by part. This will give you a good description of each part and hopefully a better understanding of the air handler. Most of the components associated with the air...

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Leaking Air Handler

Leaking Air Handler - Dear Richard… my partner and I moved into a brand new mill conversion/rehab condo last year that we absolutely love, but after the summer was over, I went into the utility closet (where the air handler/gas furnace are) and noticed that there was...

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Attic Installation Horizontal Flow Air Handler | HVAC Airflow

This is a horizontal flow air handler installed in the attic. Notice the drain pan under the air handling unit to catch condensation if the primary pan were to overflow. This is the secondary condensation pan which is installed under the air handler to save a ceiling....

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