Century Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsCentury Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Century Heat Pumps are produced in sizes from 1.5 tons to 5 tons for the residential market and come with the new environmental friendly refrigerant R-410A. Century is a part of Heat Controller and produces a full line of HVAC products for residential and commercial applications. Century Heat Pumps come in efficiency ranges of 13 SEER to 16 SEER.

Century Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

The top of the line Century heat pump requires you to match the outdoor condenser with a new indoor air handler to gain the efficiency rated on the product. The terms and conditions in the warranty also require you to match the outdoor unit with the indoor unit. Of course, we can agree with matching the indoor unit with the outdoor unit because the two systems work better together when engineered together.

Various features of selected Century heat pumps include:

  • Century Heat Pumps have copper coils for durability
  • Century heat pumps utilize demand defrost which improves efficiency
  • Mufflers on compressor discharge minimizes noise on Century Heat Pumps
  • Louvered metal jacket protects coils from damage on Century Heat Pumps
  • Two-speed scroll compressor for select models
  • Century heat pump offers 12-year warranty (limitations apply) on compressor and other parts

Century Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Additional Information

Century Top SEER Rating

Century recommends you match the new heat pump condenser with one of Century’s air handlers and matching coil for the Century Heat Pump condenser. The warranty requires proof of purchase, regular preventive maintenance, and other terms and conditions, however, a 12-year warranty is more than most and the terms are not really that difficult to comply with and are not out of the ordinary for any other warranty. If the basis of your purchase is the warranty make sure you completely understand it.

For more information about Century and the HVAC products they offer including their latest efficiency ratings please see the Century website.

Heat Pump Reviews

Century Heat Pump Reviews

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