Comfort Series Carrier Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer RatingsComfort Series Carrier Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings - For those on a budget or those who had no choice but to replace their air conditioning and heating system the Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump offers a good economical heat pump. The efficiency of the Comfort Series comes in ratings up to 15 SEER (and an HSPF rating of 8.5 for the Puron Models) for the heat pump side of the unit.

Comfort Series Carrier Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Technical Features

The Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump also comes in a variety of sizes that will fit most capacity requirements. The Comfort Series is currently available in R-410A since R-22 has been discontinued. Here is the review of the Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump from the bullet points listed by the manufacturer.

  • Aerodynamic Top - Carrier lists this as enhancing airflow and reducing turbulence. This is good for an owner of the Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump. Reducing turbulence gives you two benefits. First, if you reduce turbulence then you reduce the amount of energy needed to run the fan and that saves you money. Secondly, it decreases the amount of noise that the unit makes when it is running.
  • Sound Hood - this is like a blanket that covers the compressor which reduces noise the unit makes. This is good also and it is standard among many manufacturers.



  • The compressor listed in the Comfort Series Carrier Heat Pump is a scroll compressor. Many manufacturers have switched to scroll compressors for various reasons but the biggest reason is that it has been proven scrolls are more efficient for these applications. Additionally, scrolls are more tolerant to liquid slugging if slugging were to occur.
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet, Louvered Steel Coil Guard, Baked-on Powder paint - these are good for durability and corrosion prevention. The louvered steel coil guard is excellent for preventing the fins from being bent when the unit is bumped. Since the heat pump condenser is located outside you want these options for long term all weather use.
  • Copper with Aluminum Fin Coils - copper tubes are good with aluminum fins over the copper coils. The heat exchange rate from copper to aluminum is excellent over other metals. This is standard from manufacturer to manufacturer. Carrier tries to go above and beyond other manufacturers with something they call Copper Microtube (TM) Technology. This is designed to enhance the heat exchange ratio from the coils to the air.
  • Filter Drier - this refers to the refrigerant circuit and a filter drier is standard with all manufacturers. Filter driers filter trash out of the refrigerant and absorb any moisture in the system. Any contamination in the refrigerant is filtered or absorbed with a filter drier. This is a standard feature with all HVAC manufacturers.
  • High-pressure and loss-of-charge refrigeration pressure switches - this is very good and not standard from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is very good and protects your unit in case of catastrophic failure. If for whatever reason the pressure of the system exceeded the design pressure the high-pressure switch would stop the unit from running. If the pressure was too low for design the low-pressure switch would stop the unit. This is good for the Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump.

Comfort Series Carrier Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Warranty

The Carrier Comfort Series Heat Pump comes with a standard 10-year limited warranty on the compressor and a 5-year limited warranty on the entire unit. Carrier also offers extended warranties for many other units including the Comfort Series Heat Pump.

For more information on Carrier and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Carrier website.

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Comfort Series Carrier Heat Pump Reviews - Consumer Ratings

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