Thermostat Troubleshooting Category

These articles will help you with thermostat troubleshooting. Some articles in the thermostat troubleshooting category run parallel with other troubleshooting and technical articles because thermostat troubleshooting often times involves solving technical issues.

Thermostat Troubleshooting Category

Thermostat Troubleshooting Category

Of course we still have much work to do to develop this subject even further since troubleshooting thermostats can be very complex. Most people get into trouble when they change their thermostat. Installing a new thermostat requires patience in many circumstances and depends a lot on the whoever installed the old thermostat. Additionally, thermostats have made leaps and bounds since the old mechanical thermostats. A lot of newer thermostats are smart thermostats with WiFi capabilities.

Some newer modern thermostats have borrowed a lot from the Building Automation industry in the programming features. They are much smarter and have the ability to learn things. Things such as smart recovery for a programmable schedule. The thermostat can learn over a small amount of time how long it will take the HVAC system to recover to a comfortable set point before you arrive home or wake up. It will know it takes an hour or even two hours to bring the house up to the desired set point. Some also have motion sensors and set their own schedule. Others have remote monitoring and control so you can change the settings when you are not at home.

Thermostat Troubleshooting Category

In the near future we are planning on developing our thermostat reviews category in our HVAC reviews section of the website. In that section we will give technical reviews of various new (and conventional) thermostats to help you better understand the capabilities of various thermostats and their features.

Always remember, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send us a message using our contact form.  In the meantime, if you have problems with your thermostat, check out our thermostat troubleshooting articles listed here in this category. As always, if you don’t have the confidence to this yourself call in a professional.

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Thermostat Troubleshooting Category 

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