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Heat Pump AC Condenser Fan Motor Not Turning

Heat Pump AC Condenser Fan Motor Not Turning - Both heat pumps and air conditioners use the process of refrigeration to provide heating and cooling. One of the major components of that process is the condenser. A major component of the condenser is a...

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Refrigerant R-410A Pressure Temperature Chart

Refrigerant R-410A Pressure Temperature Chart - R410A is an HFC and is commonly used in residential and light commercial HVAC equipment for air conditioners and heat pump systems. It widely replaces HCFC R-22 which was mandated by the Montreal Protocol to be phased...

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Compressor Overheating Troubleshooting | Air Conditioner Repair

Compressor Overheating Troubleshooting | Air Conditioner Repair What you will learn from Compressor Overheating Troubleshooting article: 1) Avoiding the problem of compressor overheating 2) how does compressor overheating effect the refrigeration system?...

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Old Leaking Condenser Coils

Old Leaking Condenser Coils (also referred to as freon leaks) can cause serious issues with HVAC heat pump equipment. HVAC refrigeration circuits are designed and built to hold the refrigerant. It is a sealed hermetic system. The HVAC refrigeration circuit...

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Crankcase Heaters and Compressors | HVAC Refrigeration

Crankcase Heaters and Compressors | HVAC Refrigeration. Hello, I have a question about crankcase heaters. I am aware that they keep the refrigerant from saturating in the compressor when not running. However, if the refrigerant is R-22, it becomes saturated at...

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HVAC Refrigeration Category Index

HVAC Refrigeration Category Index offers a list of articles to assist in learning more about HVAC refrigeration technical information. Articles including information about the refrigeration loop and process as it pertains to HVAC along with other articles such as refrigeration piping practices and refrigeration components. We include several refrigerant pressure temperature or PT charts, brazing and soldering techniques and practices, and finding and fixing refrigerant leaks. Detailed information and a breakdown of refrigeration components are also offered along with refrigeration theory used in the filed by technicians. Some articles are designed to help the layman understand refrigeration basics and to help them solves basic issues while other articles are for technicians wanting to sharpen their skills.

Refrigeration Category Basic Index:

  • HVAC Refrigeration Troubleshooting
  • Refrigeration Theory
  • HVAC Refrigeration Components
  • Charts - Pressure Temperature Charts or PT Charts for common refrigerants
  • Best Installation Methods and Practices for Piping and System Installation
  • Refrigerant Leaks - Finding and Repair the Refrigerant Leaks

And many other articles to help you learn more about refrigeration.

HVAC Refrigeration Category Index

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