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Magnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor

Magnehelic Duct Pressure Sensor - The magnehelic measures duct pressure inside of ductwork. It is important, for many reasons, to know the pressure inside of duct work. This magnehelic measures the supply side pressure of the blower inside the air handler. The static...

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Duct Systems and Bad Ductwork

Bad Ductwork - Ductwork is necessary to deliver the air throughout the HVAC system. It is important that the system has integrity with no leaks. Duct work is made of different materials. Duct systems also have different construction methods which hold the ductwork...

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HVAC Duct Systems

HVAC Duct Systems - Ductwork systems channel the air to the spaces where it is needed from the air handler. HVAC duct systems also pulls the air from the space and channels it back to the air handler where it needs to be conditioned. In some commercial applications...

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