Lennox Versus Carrier Heat Pumps. Whenever we compare any type of equipment we need to compare similar models between the brands. In this case, we are comparing Lennox to Carrier which are major brands that compete for your business. All the major manufacturers make similar models with various levels of efficiency. They also have various levels of bells and whistles. These bells and whistles make the equipment more efficient and easier to troubleshoot with advanced diagnostics.

Of course, there are more categories for bells and whistles and we will endeavor to explain everything here. This is written from the perspective of a licensed HVAC Master who has several years of field experience and not a journalist. I have also been to manufacturer’s training course and worked on these products.

Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps

Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps

The various levels of heat pumps from both manufacturers include several economy grade models, several mid-grade models, and several top grade models. Of course the higher the grade level the higher the efficiency but so are the initial installation costs. If you really want to save a lot of money on your power bill you will want to get the top of the line model. However, not everyone has the budget for the top of the line model so they choose the economy models or a mid-grade level model for their new heat pump.

Lennox Grade Levels:

  • Signature Series - Top
  • Elite Series - Mid
  • Merit Series - Economy

Carrier Grade Levels:

  • Infinity Series - Top
  • Performance Series - Mid
  • Comfort Series - Economy

Mid Grade - Split the Difference From Top To Bottom

We are going to split the difference here and compare mid-grade models for Lennox and Carrier. These are side by side comparisons with everything explained for you after the comparison matrix. We are endeavoring to create more of these comparison matrixes as they have become hugely popular among our readers. Some manufacturers have a difficult time being descriptive about certain options and features. Instead, they gloss over details and show you more than what you are seeking. These products are for up-sale possibilities. Some of these other products are great products. They serve very useful purposes but let us focus on what we need and worry about the other stuff later. Focus on what you really need. Cutting through the clutter will help you make an informed decision.

Lennox produces their equipment here in the USA. Carrier also produces their residential equipment here in the USA but has plans to relocate their manufacturing facilities to Mexico.

Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps Comparison Matrix

Lennox Elite Series XP16 Heat Pump

Carrier PerformanceTM Series Performance 16

Dual Fuel CapableDual Fuel Capable – Carrier calls it Hybrid Heat
Humidity control with a matched indoor air handler/gas furnace with ECM blowerHumidity control with a matched indoor air handler/gas furnace with ECM blower
Copper coils with aluminum finsCopper coils with aluminum fins
Full-Side Louvered Panels for coil protectionFull-Side Louvered Panels for coil protection
Two-Stage Scroll CompressorTwo-Stage Scroll Compressor
High and Low Pressure Refrigeration Switches for pressure controlHigh and Low Pressure Refrigeration Switches for pressure control
Not listed – Assume single speed condenser fan motor (optimum would be ECM condenser fan motor and the two-speed fan motor in the condenser)Not listed – Assume single speed condenser fan motor (optimum would be ECM condenser fan motor and the two-speed fan motor in the condenser)
R410A RefrigerantR-410A refrigerant
Rugged durable cabinetRugged durable cabinet
Engineered for quiet operation – sound blankets on compressorsEngineered for quiet operation – sound blankets on compressors
Advanced diagnostics not mentionedAdvanced diagnostics not mentioned
10 Year Parts limited warranty10 year parts warranty
Energy Star RatedEnergy Star Rated
Up to 17 SEER and 9.5 HSPF depending on sizeUp to 17.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF

Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps Similarities

These models are very similar, as you can see, from the data we gleaned from the manufacturer’s websites. As mentioned above sometimes it is difficult to get the information necessary to make appropriate comparisons. It seems the web designer made the product specifications for both of those manufacturers. Versus someone who really knew the specifications of the equipment. Remember, just because the literature says it is a certain efficiency level does not mean you will get that level. That will depend on several factors including the capacity of the unit purchased. Additionally, it will depend whether you get a matching indoor system.

Dual Fuel Capable - is when you have a gas furnace rather than electric heat strips. It is considered better to have a dual fuel than just electric heat strips. Simply make sure you get a high-efficiency gas furnace if you choose this option.

Installation – Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps

Your overall efficiency of the system will also depend on the ductwork system. People commonly overlook duct work when purchasing new equipment. The price for installation of a new system generally does not include any modifications to the ductwork. That is aside from attaching the new air handler/gas furnace to the established ductwork. Old ductwork often leaks and lacks proper insulation. Purchasing new equipment without doing anything to the ductwork will not get the rated efficiency for new equipment. Leaky ductwork loses the extra efficiency you are buying the equipment.

Control - Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps

Both Lennox and Carrier have their own thermostats. These thermostats typically come with the units when you purchase a new heat pump. These thermostats are a higher level of control. More so than the typical thermostat you can purchase off the shelf at the hardware store. Therefore if something happens when the warranty expires then you need to get a replacement thermostat from the dealer.

These thermostats are proprietary. That means you will only be able to purchase this thermostat from that particular manufacturer or a licensed dealer. There is a higher level of complexity to install. Therefore, requiring you to get the dealer to install the thermostat for you. After the warranty expires you will likely pay a much higher price to purchase a new thermostat. Then pay the dealer to install the thermostat. That’s not like running down to the local hardware store and purchasing an off the shelf thermostat. Ask the salesman about this and if there is another option.

Final Advice

What would I buy if I were you? Go with the best HVAC contractor that I know is going to do a quality job over any brand. While I would lean to Lennox Carrier is good brand also. The most important part of this whole endeavor you are about to undertake is choosing the best contractor. A contractor that does quality work. For that, you can see our HVAC Buyers Guide Page help guide through this process. What is better than the good advice we give is that the HVAC Buyers Guide is absolutely free of charge. We only ask that you share this site on social media using the buttons provided. Like us on Facebook or tweet our page on Twitter or Google Plus. We appreciate it!!

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Lennox versus Carrier Heat Pumps

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