York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer RatingsYork Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings - York offers heat pumps with efficiency ranges from 13 SEER 7.7 HSPF to 20 SEER 11 HSPF. Ask many questions if you are considering buying a York heat pump. Or any other brand for that matter. This is a major purchase and should be taken seriously. Questions about the brand, product, and especially the installation contractor.

York has added many upgrades recently to the compressor and controls for their premium models. These upgrades have added efficiency for the premium models. Some features of York heat pumps are:

York Heat Pump Top HSPF Rating

York Heat Pump Top SEER Rating

York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings - Select Features

  • Heat Pump condensers can come in custom colors including various college sports teams logos
  • Two-stage compressors in select York heat pumps
  • Low RPM ECM condenser fan motor to help reduce airflow noise
  • Factory high and low-pressure refrigeration system controls for unit protection from abnormal pressures.
  • Capacity ranges from 1.5 tons to 5 tons making York heat pumps ideal for residential and light commercial use
  • Defrost control with internal memory to help the technician with heat pump troubleshooting
  • Can be used with gas furnaces when the dual fuel option is added
  • Models use R-410A refrigerant
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the compressor and parts* on select units. See dealer for details and terms and conditions.

Air Source Heat Pump Tips | Dual Fuel Heating

A dual fuel heat pump is a heat pump with a gas furnace for backup heating rather than electric heat strips.

Air source heat pumps have a backup heating source. In most installations, the backup heating source is electric heat strips. Electric heat strips are very cheap to install in most cases. However, while electricity is generally regarded as 100% efficient, producing it is more costly than other heating methods. For a more efficient heat pump, consider a dual fuel heat pump, or a heat pump with a gas furnace for the backup heat source. It will be more costly to install, but your monthly bills will be reduced.

York® Models | York Heat Pump Reviews

York has a top-of-the-line heat pump they call the Affinity™ which has a two-stage compressor for two-stage operation. Other manufacturers are slowly changing their line of premium equipment over to modulating compressors where the system will modulate from 20 percent to 100 percent based on demand. York has not made it there yet but will likely soon follow the competition. I have seen York equipment out in the field and I have no reason to question the quality of the equipment. It works fine and is as good as the next manufacturer.

In this York heat pump review, we also include the York LX models. See the table below for a comparison index from the Affinity™. LX for York is considered the economic model but they have several different types with different efficiency levels.

Always do your homework and ask a lot of questions. Buying a new air conditioner or heat pump is a major purchase and it is especially important that the system is installed properly so choose a good HVAC contractor to do the installation. Preferably a contractor that is recommended by the manufacturer.

York Heat Pump Model Comparison
Affinity™ Series (Premium Model to Mid-Range)LX Series (Economy)
Up to 20 SEER and 11.0 HSPFUp to 17 SEER cooling and 10.0 HSPF heating
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty with Lifetime Compressor Limited Warranty, 1-Year Labor Limited Warranty*10-Year Parts Limited Warranty with 10-Year Compressor Limited Warranty on residential systems
High-efficiency variable speed ECM condenser fan motor. QuietDrive™ Comfort SystemStandard PSC Condenser Fan Motor
QuietDrive™ variable capacity operationSingle speed compressor
Stamped steel coil guard designSteel extruded louver coil guard
Advanced System Control with consumer app available. Also service app available for contractor servicing and repair.Conventional controls
Aluminum fin and copper tube outdoor coilAluminum fins bonded to copper tubing for outdoor coil
full corner access to the inside of the
unit for maintenance or service
single panel covering the electrical controls make
for easy servicing of the unit
Meets ENERGY STAR Heat Pump qualificationsMeets ENERGY STAR Heat Pump qualifications on select LX series models
High Pressure Switch on all modelsHigh Pressure Switch
Low Pressure Switch on all modelsLow Pressure Switch
Electronic Expansion ValveThermostatic Expansion Valve
York Heat Pump Model Comparisons

Conclusion | York Heat Pump Reviews

One word of note about York heat pumps and other products - They do not list much technical information about features for their heat pumps. I have always known York to offer quality products. Ask a lot of questions and encourage them to provide you with specific information so that you can make an informed decision about buying from them.

For more information on York and its latest models, warranty information, and efficiency ratings please see the York website.

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York Heat Pump Reviews | HVAC Consumer Ratings