Goodman Versus Ducane Gas FurnacesGoodman Versus Ducane Gas Furnaces

Here we will compare Goodman’s premium gas furnace with Ducane’s premium gas furnace with our comparison matrix and then go over each feature to let you know which feature is best. That allows you to make better choices when purchasing new HVAC equipment.

It also helps you understand what you are buying. Use our comparison matrix along with our individual technical and consumer reviews to help you when purchasing a new gas furnace.

Goodman Versus Ducane Gas Furnaces

Goodman Versus Ducane Premium Model Gas Furnaces

Goodman Versus Ducane Premium Gas Furnace Models Comparison Matrix
Goodman GMVM97 Central Air ConditionerDucane 96G2V Gas Furnace
Up to 98% AFUEUp to 96% AFUE efficiency rating
ENERGY STAR® certifiedENERGY STAR® certified
Variable-Speed ECMVariable-Speed ECM
Self-calibrating modulating gas valve
auto-configure for each installation
Two-Stage Operation
Integrated communicating ComfortBridge™ TechnologyConventional Control
Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchangerAluminized steel primary heat exchanger with crimped nonwelded construction
Stainless-steel secondary heat exchangerAL 29-4C Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
Durable Silicon Nitride igniterDurable Silicon Nitride igniter
Self-diagnostic control board with constant memory
fault code history output to a dual 7-segment display
Self diagnostics saves last 10 fault codes regardless of power
10-year unit peplacement limited warranty on parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.*10-year limited warranty on parts and a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger.*

Efficiency | Goodman Versus Ducane Gas Furnaces

First, we’ll begin with the efficiency and gas furnace Energy Star ratings of the units. Efficiency is significant these days, considering that you want to get the best efficiency out of your HVAC system as possible. The higher the AFUE rating for the furnace, the lower your gas bill should be. That saves you money in the long run. Typically, the higher the efficiency, the more the equipment cost; however, this upfront cost is offset by a quicker ROI or return on investment.

That saves energy while saving you every month on your gas bill. Both gas furnaces are Energy Star rated, but in this category for efficiency. Goodman wins coming in at 98% AFUE compared to Ducane’s 96% AFUE.

Blowers and Furnace Staging

Both have ECM variable-speed blower motors so this comparison is the same. That is important for the electrical efficiency of the unit and also some comfort factors. That feature all depends on the control. There are several settings for the Goodman gas furnace and the Ducane gas furnace. It is important before the HVAC installer is finished installing the new furnace that they make sure these settings are correct. Settings are on a circuit board with dip switches.

The staging is important for efficiency also. Goodman comes out ahead in this category with the modulating furnace. While the Ducane furnace is a two-stage gas furnace. There is a difference in both the comfort and efficiency of the systems. In the following chart, we demonstrate efficiency and comfort.

As you can see from the graphic above the modulating gas furnace leaves temperatures more even throughout the run time while the single and two-stage gas furnaces offer a higher frequency of temperatures. This means if you set the thermostat for 70° F the temperature should stay very close to 70° F while the other types of furnaces will vary out of that range. I would choose the modulating gas furnace for both efficiency and comfort.

Modulating Furnace temperature swing comparison

Control, Heat Exchangers, and Warranties

Control relates to the thermostat for the consumer. Conventional control means you will have a typical type of thermostat that uses many different thermostat wiring colors to attach the thermostat to the gas furnace. These types of thermostats are non-proprietary and can be purchased online or from a hardware store. Ducane mentions nothing about this in their literature, but Goodman does for this furnace.

Goodman refers to it as the ComfortBridge™, and it is proprietary to Goodman and Amana select systems. ComfortBridge is not a thermostat but software inside the controls of the equipment. It is an automated control routine that collects performance data. The data collection allows the internal program to set specific control sequences that aid efficiency but never affect comfort. It works with any thermostat and is independent of any thermostat.

The heat exchangers for these two furnaces are the same. Both the secondary and primary heat exchangers are nearly exact. They both also offer limited lifetime warranties for the heat exchangers, which is the most common big item failure on a gas furnace. Both have similar warranties on the rest of the furnace, which is a 10-year limited warranty. Always make sure you read the warranty and understand it.

Keep in mind, the most common warranty for most manufacturers only includes the part and not labor. Labor can be costly, so I would ask if there is an extended labor warranty to match the parts warranty.

Diagnostics and Igniter for Gas Heating

Diagnostics are good for troubleshooting problems with the gas furnace. These types of diagnostic abilities make it easier for the HVAC technician to figure out problems on trouble calls. That has the potential to save you money based on the time of repair.

The Silicon Nitride Igniter is durable and will give you long use. It also eliminates pilot lights and lights the burners directly.

Gas Furnace Model Comparison Chart

gas furnace comparison chart

Conclusion | Goodman Versus Ducane Gas Furnaces

Overall, from my experience in the field, both bands offer reliability and long use if installed properly and maintained on a regular schedule. Proper furnace maintenance is important not only for safety but also for reliability. Maintenance agreements are always recommended and purchased at the time of furnace purchase. Most maintenance agreements will cover basic maintenance for the gas furnace and an associated air conditioner. The safety factor for gas furnaces is important especially to have the furnace heat exchanger checked on a regular basis.

See our Gas Furnace Reviews page for further information on Goodman and Ducane gas furnaces. You may also find reviews for many other brands.High Performance HVAC Heating and Cooling

Goodman Versus Ducane Gas Furnaces

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