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Boiler Systems Installation - It is very important to get it right the first time!

Boiler Systems Installation - Purchasing a boiler can be daunting for most people. Many people do not understand boilers and do not know certain components of boiler systems. Typically they trust the installing contractor to outfit and install the boiler with all the proper boiler components.

That includes making recommendations for optional boiler components that increase efficiency and performance. There are resources you can use to try to understand boiler components such as High Performance HVAC. However, overall, this research or study will not make one an expert in boiler installation. We have to trust the boiler installer and the skills of the contractor.


Boiler Systems Installation | HVAC Heating Buyers Advice

Important Points in New Boiler System Installations

Depending on the installation, whether it is a new installation or a retrofit where the contractor is replacing an existing old boiler, it is essential that the boiler piping is correct or installed correctly, especially the near boiler piping. “Near boiler piping” is the pipe near the boiler where most of the major pipe components are located. Near boiler piping components include:

Boiler Systems Installation | HVAC Heating | Piping and Other Details

“Near boiler piping” is also where the water entering the boiler and leaving the boiler (boiler supply and return) make many turns and has elbows and a possible manifold installed. It is important that this system is set up and installed properly. If it is not, then the poor installation can affect the efficiency of the boiler. Additionally, sometimes it can cause problems with heating certain zones because a bad near boiler piping will cause a poor flow rate in the piping system.

Additionally, pressure problems can occur and lead to a noisy flow of the water. The whole boiler system will be problematic and cost you more fuel to fire the system. Probably the essential part of buying a new system is selecting the right contractor to install the boiler correctly. A skilled contractor will save you a lot more money on boiler installation. That is opposed to hiring someone who really does not know what they are doing and installs the boiler incorrectly.

Furthermore, a good contractor will do a load calculation. That ensures all pipe and convectors, along with the boiler, are sized properly. The system must be balanced, including all piping and components. Proper circulator pump selection, installation, and set-up are essential to the performance and operation of the system. Zone valves and other valves need to be properly selected and installed.

The expansion tank and air management system, when properly installed and set up, can save you tons of headaches from a system that is improperly installed. Furthermore, all these things and more are essential to the proper and efficient operation of your new boiler.

Boiler System Installation - Finding a Good Contractor

Find a good boiler installation contractor and spend some time selecting a good boiler that they recommend. It is advised, because of the high cost of fuel, whether you have propane or natural gas, that you select a higher efficiency boiler. That will save you money in the future on your fuel bills. Remember, even if you are selling the house in a few years, select a higher efficiency boiler for the installation over a cheaper, less efficient boiler.

Why? Because it will add value to the sale of the home and it convinces the buyers they aren’t buying a house that will consume all their dollars in feeding a boiler fuel hog. Good luck with selecting the right boiler and boiler installation contractor for your next boiler installation. HVAC Systems and Boiler Information.

Boiler Systems Installation | HVAC Heating Buyers Advice

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Boiler Systems Installation