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A properly Installed Condensing Unit is important

Central Air Conditioner Prices | HVAC Buyers Advice  - So you are looking to buy a new central air conditioning system? You want to know the price of the new air conditioner after it is all said and done. The complete price of the new air conditioner after it’s installed and the contractor walks out the door? The price of a new air conditioner is a popular subject. We get several emails every month asking how much it would cost to install a new air conditioner.

First, it is a loaded question. No air conditioner installation job is the same. Some air conditioner installation jobs being more difficult than other air conditioner installation jobs. The fact is, I cannot give anyone the price of their new air conditioner without first seeing the job. The fact is no one can give you a fair and reasonable price for a new air conditioner cost without first seeing the job. They must see it first and then do a little homework.

Central Air Conditioner Prices | The Cost of Air Conditioners

You can look up prices of air conditioners all day long via the internet. You will simply get the cost of a new condensing unit and air handler. Now you need someone to install it. Many HVAC contractors will shy away from installing some equipment you bought over the internet without some kind of agreement about the warranty. The warranty of the equipment and the warranty of the installation work done to properly install the unit.

Again, when it comes to the price of a new central air conditioner installed you just can’t get that information from an email, phone call, or by browsing the internet. Central air conditioner prices can only be done by having an HVAC professional visit your home. The location where you want the new air conditioner installed.

Central Air Conditioner Prices | The Anatomy of the New Purchase

First, you need to know what size of central air conditioner you will need before someone can give you a price for a new air conditioner. To make 100 percent of the correct air conditioner size a load calculation must be performed. A load calculation either performed manually using the Manual J or using the software can be done by an HVAC professional.

Central Air Conditioner Prices | Other Factors for the Price

Next, a determination should be made of the heating system. If you are replacing the air conditioner then the heating system is likely just as old as the central air conditioner. What type of heating system do you have and is there a better type of heating system that is more efficient and uses less energy to keep you warm in the colder months? An HVAC professional can answer these questions.

The ductwork must also be looked at for a few reasons. First, will any new transitions need to be built to retrofit the new system to the old ductwork? Does the old ductwork have airtight integrity? If not then repairs will need to be made and this will add to the price of a new air conditioner.

It is very important that the ductwork has airtight integrity not only because ductwork with holes will cost you more to operate the air conditioner system but also because leaking ductwork will allow dust and dirt and other things in your house.

Central Air Conditioner Prices | Bells and Whistles

Next, you need to determine if you need any extras or bells and whistles for your new air conditioner and heating system. That is if the decision is made to replace both systems at the same time. For example, you may need a humidifier in the wintertime to save energy and feel warmer.

A whole-house humidifier is much better and easier to maintain than portable humidifiers. Keeping the house at the proper humidity levels in the winter will help you feel warmer and result in keeping the heating system turned to a lower setting at the thermostat. That will save you money and keep you comfortable and healthy.

Another handy addition is air cleaners such as an electronic air cleaner and an ultraviolet air cleaner. Both these types of systems help keep harmful things out of the air in your home. Studies have shown a reduction in illnesses where these types of systems are utilized. Additionally, the air conditioner evaporator coils stay cleaner because mold is nearly eradicated having the electronic air cleaner and the ultraviolet air cleaners.

After all that is done, you need to decide on the efficiency rating of the new equipment. An HVAC professional can help you determine what efficiency level is right for your budget. They do this by showing the average operating cost for the equipment they plan to install based on the SEER rating of the equipment.

Operating costs are becoming more and more important because of the rising cost of energy. Consequently, it is an essential factor for you to consider. Make the best decision for you concerning the matter of equipment efficiency.

Central Air Conditioner Prices | Conclusion

After this is completed, then a price can be determined by the cost of a new air conditioner. An HVAC professional can make it look easy and give you a good air conditioner price.

Finally, now you see after going through everything, getting an air conditioner price is not so cut and dry. A lot goes into it, and if the air conditioner price is right and you get a good HVAC contractor that does the job right, you can enjoy many years of comfort with your new air conditioner. Finally, the key is not the brand you get but the quality of workmanship in installation. The lowest bid is not always your best.

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Central Air Conditioner Prices