Your HVAC System: It’s Mechanical And Electrical

Your HVAC System: It’s Mechanical And Electrical

An electric motor provides an operation that helps the mechanical side of your HVAC system

Your HVAC System: It’s Mechanical And Electrical

With the change of the seasons come changes in the way you use the “comfort system” in your home or office.

Colorado, especially, is famous for radical variations in the weather from day to day during the “shoulder seasons.”  In fact, many people are finding it necessary to switch from heating to cooling – and maybe back again – all within the same 24-hour period during this time of year.

Your home or office HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is a complex mechanical configuration.

But it’s also an electrical system.

Now is the time – after the worst of winter and before the summer really heats up – to make sure your HVAC system is in tip-top shape.

Your HVAC technician can help… but so can your electrician.

HVAC Electricians Are Specialists

Not all HVAC techs are electricians… and not all electricians specialize in HVAC work.

So what sets an HVAC electrician apart from other professionals who might help with the comfort system in your home or office?

*Experience. Naturally, an HVAC electrician has “seen it all” when it comes to taking care of the complex electrical power system upon which your indoor comfort depends.  A rookie electrician or HVAC tech – or a technician who specializes only in the mechanical aspects of your HVAC system – probably hasn’t come across enough situations to have learned what your HVAC electrician will know.  Problems that might puzzle a mechanical specialist will likely be solved more readily by an HVAC electrician.

*Knowledge and training.  An HVAC electrician has the training necessary to understand all the workings of your indoor comfort system, from electrical theory (and safety) to the ability to read blueprints and technical schematics and know where key HVAC components are located.  An HVAC electrician is also up-to-speed on state and local construction regulations and is thoroughly versed in the National Electric Code.

Electrical and Mechanical components work together to make it all work

Electrical and Mechanical components work together to make it all work

*Skill with a variety of systems and components.  A seasoned HVAC electrician is familiar with the intricacies of lots of different types of systems, from those for single-family homes to the larger systems designed to provide comfort to apartment buildings, office complexes, and even hospitals.  From the wiring to the controls, your HVAC electrician has the skills necessary to take care of any electrical issues with your indoor comfort system.

*Certification.  Your HVAC electrician is likely a qualified professional and undoubtedly will have been trained and certified in the proper handling of refrigerants (an EPA requirement).  Many will also have additional professional certification as HVAC electrical specialists. Many states also require HVAC technicians and electricians to be licensed. Has your HVAC electrician had any specialized training, from organizations like the Refrigeration Service Engineers’ Society, or HVAC Excellence? It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Have your HVAC electrician take a look at your indoor comfort system.  How long since your system was last inspected?  If there are worn or defective parts that need replacement – or, worse yet, if there’s anything in your HVAC electrical system that might be hazardous – the time to find out about it is now.

Your HVAC System: It’s Mechanical And Electrical

Author Bio:

This is a guest post written by John Oxford, a master electrician, and owner of APower Electric Service in Denver Colorado.

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