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HVAC Guest PostHVAC Guest Post - Are you an HVAC Technician, Engineer, or Homeowner who has been bitten by the writing bug? Do you have a great idea for an article pertaining to HVAC? High Performance HVAC offers you the opportunity to guest post an article on our site to help others learn about HVAC. Our requirements are simple:

  1. HVAC or related electrical topics with the HVAC industry. It can be a technical paper or a unique perspective from your point of view that you think can improve something in the HVAC industry. We highly encourage articles teaching others about HVAC because we believe in sharing knowledge to help others.
  2. The article should be unique and not found anywhere else. Written by yourself. You can check your article on Copyscape or Turnitin to proof your articles. Any photos or graphics submitted with your article should also be original or you should be the owner of the photo or graphic and give High Performance HVAC explicit rights to publish the photo or graphic with the article you submit. A simple little sentence in the email you submit with the article and attached photo/graphic giving us permission to publish the photo/graphic with the article will suffice.
  3. Quality English writing, please.
  4. We would like articles to be more than 700 words but will accept articles with 500 words or more.
  5. Links within the article should be limited to the “About Author” blurb at the bottom of the article. Any links found within the article itself will be “nofollowed” or removed especially if links are excessive. In fact, if links are excessive, the article may be rejected entirely.
  6. The article must fit with High Performance HVAC. In other words, it must be relevant to our content and what we write about on our site. It should be geared at helping people understand HVAC and what HVAC is about. We get many submissions that look like a sales brochure selling something. While we do have ads on the site so we can pay the bills we don’t want our content to be an ad. It is simply about quality and maintaining a specific editorial direction for the site. We want your content to shine and for the content, you submit to get traffic and help people understand HVAC. Some of the content submitted to us look like “sales brochures” (as noted above) and will end up being stale content that collects dust somewhere in the back of the web. We understand the benefit you get from guest posting articles especially on a site with decent DA, TF, and CF but this is not a one-sided deal. We are not desperate for content so we are rather picky about what we accept. Make it a good quality article and it will be published. Sales brochure type of submissions will not be accepted so don’t waste your time. Send us quality and we will accept it all day long.

The key is to write a good article with good photos or graphics or charts to be accepted. We are looking for unique quality articles for the site aimed at helping others learn HVAC.

Please submit your article in the form below. We will review and if we have any questions we will email you. If everything is good we will email you a publishing date and the link to your article after have posted it.

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