Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands | One can never predict the weather. It can range from extreme sunny days to snowy nights. Winter can come the season which is everyone’s favorite.

For instance, many major holidays are celebrated at the end of the year during the cold season. We depend on our heating systems during those months.

For summers, everyone loves to have a day out on the beach or a good cookout. But who loves extreme hot summers? Rarely anyone. We look for cool places the entire summer, but there is no better place than our cool and breezy home if we have a proper cooling system.

The air conditioner is the best solution to stand against the scorching heat of summer.

Our house can feel like heaven when there is an air conditioner in our home. There are multiple brands available out there, and people may find it tough to decide which one they should choose.

Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

First, you might want to take a look at the top 12 Air conditioner brands we have listed in this article to narrow your research. Then, you can finalize your choice from the brands we have sorted out below.

American Standard Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings American Standard manufacturers air conditioners and other HVAC equipment mainly for1. American Standard | Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

American Standard has established itself as one of the top brands for quality, durability, and reliability. They make seven central air conditioners which range from the efficiency of 14.75 to 22 SEER.

The ac units of this brand are capable of cooling your house as efficiently as possible. Therefore, they offer comfort without excessive energy use.

Due to their use of their trademarked AccuComfort technology, American standard’s ac units can adjust their speed as required to maintain efficient usage.

With a high SEER rating and powerful cooling, American Standard is one of the best choices to consider when looking at air conditioning brands.

2. Bryant

Bryant can provide you with a high-quality cooling system in a budget-friendly way. It specializes in the standard cooling system to ensure the flexibility of the rooftop. It is an evolutionary brand that is making its place in the market day by day.

The robust technology of its thermostat speaks for the efficiency itself.

The technology offers you advanced control over the heating and cooling systems of your surroundings. Bryant provides you with the environment-controlling feasibility.

3. Carrier

Carrier air conditioners come under the category of top-quality air conditioner brands. It already won the game of maintaining the standards as a brand. Their standards always come with the surety of the client’s comfort and best functionality.

It gives you the freedom of selection from the already offered numerous model options. You will not be worried about looking any further if your mind gets satisfied with the perks Carrier offers.

One top-selling factor of Carrier is that it provides an energy-efficient SEER rating from 13 to 22. So, once you install its unit, that will be a worthy investment you are going to make.

In addition, due to charges you a minimal amount of money, they offer a long-lasting warranty to the customers.

So, do not worry about the initial cost because it is better to invest one time on the best thing instead of spending continuously on a single machine.

4. Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman is one of the most preferred brands for most of the public due to their comparatively lower costs than other top brands. The lower prices might seem to indicate a compromise on quality, but that’s not the case. Goodman air conditioners are as capable as other air conditioning brands.

Attached to this package are low installation costs and solid air conditioning units that offer multiple features. Goodman air conditioner units also boast a SEER rating of 13 to 18. There are also numerous warranty packages with these products that you can optionally avail of to avoid potential unwanted complications.

5. Heil | Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

Top 12 Air Conditioner BrandsThe reason for Heil being in our top 12 air conditioning brands is due to its excellent performance in all aspects. Not only will it be a durable and long-term solution but also a budget-friendly investment for you.

As compared to other brands, Heil is attracting several customers daily due to its low cost. They have considered and targeted those people who are budget conscious.

The repairing parts are abundantly available in the market that negates the struggle of parts hunting. It provides an impactful ten years of warranty.

With its outstanding customer services, you can avail yourself of the repair services without worry. Depending upon your requirements, it also provides multiple models ranging from basic models to technological-friendly models.

6. Amana

Amana specializes in providing a long-term warranty for their models. It is tough to find such a warranty at reasonable rates. You will get an efficiency rate of 24.5 SEER energy.

It works noticeably well when compared with other brands. Amana’s up-to-lifetime warranty has managed to win thousands of hearts in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The warranty offer ranges based on SEER rating. The lower the SEER rating, the shorter the warranty. It goes from a minimum of 10 years to a lifetime warranty.

7. Trane | Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

Trane is considered a premium brand for air conditioning. That brand is also associated with a hefty cost, however. For example, one of their models, the XR14, has a 14 SEER rating, yet it can still cost up to $6000. On the bright side, Trane offers a 10-year warranty which applies to both parts and labor.

This company is also known to uphold this warranty and generally has positive reviews for after-sales service. Furthermore, Furthermore, Trane isn’t limited to air conditioning units only since it also offers heat pumps and gas furnaces.

8. Lennox

Lennox is one of the brands that highly focuses on energy efficiency. In this regard, it stands out more than almost all other air conditioner brands. Their units have a SEER rating of up to 23.5, which is remarkable.

Some of this brand’s offered equipment possess more than 98% efficiency levels. There are units with a lower SEER rating of 14-16 available, such as the Lennox 14ACX series.

9. Mitsubishi

It is impossible to omit Mitsubishi in the top 12 Air conditioner brands. Everyone is aware of Mitsubishi as a successful electronic company. It is a trustworthy brand for many people.

They are providing their services in the field of Air conditioning and cooling systems as well. They are maximum energy efficient due to their 30.5 SEER energy efficiency system.

Indeed, it is an expensive brand, but its models can work more efficiently than a typical air conditioner.

10. Ruud | Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

Ruud is an affordable brand that offers both heating and cooling products. Their AC units undergo extensive testing, and customer reviews also confirm that the units are durable and reliable. The parts are available within the United States, so that means warranty claims and replacements don’t take a lot of time.

If you compare Ruud’s warranties to other expensive brands, you might find a difference in coverage. Nonetheless, this is in contrast to the relatively low prices of their units and installation. Their AC units also offer good SEER ratings, like the Achiever RA16, which possess a 16 SEER rating.

11. York

York provides stacking suitable models. In the market, everyone prefers a hurdle less electronic appliance. When we say hurdle less, we refer to an electrical machine with its repairable parts readily available in the market.

It also provides a 10-year warranty like the top 12 air conditioner brands. Customers prefer the simple and basic functionality of York’s Air conditioners.

12. Rheem | Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands

High efficiency and reasonable price are two things that every customer considers before stepping into the market of air conditioners. Rheem is a win-win brand for those who are trying to target these two factors. It offers different variants within three series of air conditioners.

All Air conditions are available with contemporary features to maximize the option of overall functionality. Their rate also increases with the increase in SEER ratings. Rheem is easy to install, but it does not promise a lifetime guarantee.

So, it will be in your hands to use it efficiently and minimize the damage. This way, you can save on repair costs.

Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands | Bottom Line

You might be looking to replace your old, outdated air conditioning unit, or perhaps you just moved into a newly built house and are going to install an air conditioning unit for the first time.

Regardless of why you’re in the market, it is wise to go for the best AC brand. For that, you require research to check your requirements and select the proper unit according to its SEER rating and features.

We have highlighted so many salient features related to the top 12 air conditioner brands, which might be helpful for you to sort out your selection. Not only the brand, but you also have to make sure that the installation is done through a certified worker so that your AC system runs smoothly and serves you for many years.

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Top 12 Air Conditioner Brands