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Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings. Carrier air conditioners have efficiency ratings range from 13 SEER to 21 SEER. 21 SEER is very high energy efficiency for an air-source air conditioner as opposed to geothermal systems. They use R-410A in all models of the air conditioner line. Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps that use R-22 refrigerant are no longer manufactured. Because of the regulations phasing out R-22 refrigerant, many have already switched to R-410A. Carrier is one of the top brands and some of their systems are energy star qualified.
Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings
Carrier does manufacture air conditioner systems for residential, light commercial, and heavy commercial applications. The name that Carrier calls the super-efficient model is Infinity. The next step down being the Performance series. The Performance series is the mid-range line for efficiency. Lastly, the Comfort series air conditioners are in the Carrier economy line. They also offer a builders grade line up. Some features of selected AC’s are:

Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • Energy Star ratings on select Carrier models, therefore, you can enjoy energy savings
  • Electronic diagnostic control in selected air conditioners for easier air conditioner troubleshooting. As a result of this feature repair bills will be lower.
  • 2 stage scroll compressor operation for selected Carrier central air conditioners thereby increasing efficiency and comfort
  • Low sound ratings for many Carrier AC systems, therefore, you can enjoy peace and quiet. Low noise levels are important.
  • Powder coated paint for durable and dependable operation for many years on selected Carrier central AC systems
  • Variable speed fan motors are available in select models in both the air handler and the condenser.

Top Model SEER Rating

Carrier Sizing and Warranty

All of Carriers residential line of air conditioners come in the 2 to 5-ton size range. Air conditioner sizes are based on a load calculation for your home or residence. A good installation contractor will do a load calculation for your home before submitting the bid to you. All the Carrier central air conditioners we researched have AHRI certifications. This means Carrier central air conditioner efficiency ratings are certified. Certification by a respected testing industry agency.

Carrier, like other manufacturers, does produce some proprietary parts. That means you may pay more for the parts if you need air conditioner service and repair. High Performance HVAC always recommends you purchase the extended parts and labor warranty if available. Warranties typically expire in less than 5 years and do not cover labor. Carrier units are reliable provided they are properly installed by qualified technicians. This is important whether you buy Trane or Carrier most central air conditioning brands will require proper installation for proper operation and reliability. A Trane AC improperly installed is just as bad as a Carrier AC improperly installed and you will likely have problems with the system. So it is important to select a good contractor for AC and heating installation. Air conditioners perform best when they are properly installed. To find a good HVAC installer and HVAC contractor for your new central AC see our HVAC buyers guide.

Carrier Sister Brands

United Technologies is the parent corporation of Carrier, Bryant, Heil, and Tempstar. Among other HVAC brands under the United Technologies umbrella.

For more information on Carrier and their latest models and efficiency ratings visit the Carrier website.

Energy Costs - Energy Efficiency Ratio and Energy Saving

Energy Costs - Energy Efficiency Ratio and Energy SavingThere are various levels of systems you can purchase from Carrier for your home air conditioning system. As noted above, Carrier has different models available at different prices for different SEER levels. SEER is the energy efficiency of the air conditioner system and the higher the number the more you will save energy. Your air conditioner contractor should have gone over this with you before you purchased a new Carrier air conditioner. Whether you purchase a split system or a package unit system they all have efficiency ratings.

The higher the efficiency rating usually the higher the costs of the system. This is because there is more technology in the system. More technology and controls to make it more efficient. Because of this, you will pay more for the higher efficiency of the system. This means more upfront money to purchase the systems but in the long run, your energy bills will be lower. So paying more upfront for the higher efficiency AC system will lower your utility bills by saving energy. Replacement costs are not always dependent on SEER rating. There are some other factors involved including geographical location and how difficult the system will be to install.

Central Air Conditioner Pricing and HVAC Installation Costs

For a good reliable central air conditioner system, you will want a good contractor to install the system properly. That goes with any of the major brands including Carrier systems. While installing a central air conditioning system is not rocket science, it does take some skill to get it right and make it look professional. There are so many ways to cut corners and to the untrained eye, one will never notice until things go wrong in the future. This goes with any of the major brands including Carrier. You want a fair price and you want the Carrier products you purchased to be installed properly. While you can purchase the best brand central air conditioner with the most innovative technology in the world or ever created if it is not installed properly it will likely never give you the efficiency rating listed or the reliability that goes with the best of the major brands. This goes with any HVAC system including heating and cooling systems. For help with this see our air conditioner buying guide

Air Conditioning Equipment Installation, Proper Sizing and Repair Service

Air conditioning units will eventually need a repair service resulting in a service call. AC repair will need to happen sometime in the future and so you will want to have someone reliable and trustworthy that can offer emergency service. Typically this will be the air conditioning company that installed your central air conditioner system. To reduce these HVAC repair calls you may want them to do preventive maintenance especially at the beginning of the cooling season. Proper sizing and installation techniques are super important. Regular air conditioning maintenance will reduce service and repair calls during the cooling season when you count on the system the most. In some cases, the AC contractor will offer an air conditioner maintenance agreement. These agreements often come with certain discounts for air conditioner service. Many Carrier dealers will be happy to help you with any type of maintenance and check-up for your new air conditioner and heating system. Remember, air conditioning repair can be avoided with proper HVAC maintenance and upkeep. 

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Carrier Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings


  • Carrier Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 90% 90%
  • Carrier Quality as Compared to Other Brands 95% 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 90% 90%
  • Carrier Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Overall Carrier Opinion from a Technical Perspective 85% 85%

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