ArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Arcoaire offers a full range of split system air conditioners that range in efficiency ratings from 13 SEER all the way up to 19 SEER for their top of the line air conditioner model for a split system air conditioner. Arcoaire offers three distinct groups of split-system air conditioner models.

These include the DuraComfort Deluxe Series, the DuraComfort Series, and the Performance Series with the DuraComfort Deluxe Series being the top of the line models for Arcoaire split system air conditioner models. Various features of select Arcoaire air conditioners include:

Top SEER Rating

ArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • Decibel levels as low as 56 for quiet operation in select models
  • Variable speed cooling in select Arcoaire models
  • Two-stage cooling in select Arcoaire air conditioners
  • Top tier models have 5 stages of operation for better humidity control and efficiency
  • Wire grille and corner posts designed to protect the condensing unit from accidental damage to the coils
  • Designed with corrosion-resistant materials for durability
  • Select units have optional communication abilities for easier diagnostics
  • Select units come with a 5-10 year no hassle replacement warranty*
  • Most models come with a 10-year limited parts warranty
  • Available in capacities ranging from 2 to 5 tons
  • *See ArcoAire website for further details

Always remember to register the warranty as soon as possible after the installation.

ArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Purchase Considerations

Whenever you are purchasing a new air conditioner it is important to make sure you get the best value for the money you are paying. With air conditioning you must trust a contractor to install the new air conditioner system since most people do not have the skills or licenses necessary to do it themselves. In that regard, it is always best to make sure the contractor is qualified and licensed in addition to the contractor getting the required permits necessary to have the installation inspected for safety when he is done.

Always do your research when seeking a contractor to install any type of HVAC product for you. We have many articles here to help you select the right HVAC contractor and an HVAC Buyers Guide to help you through the process of buying a new air conditioner or really any type of HVAC product.

Arcoaire Model Guide
DuraComfort™ Deluxe SeriesDuraComfort™ SeriesPerformance Series
Premium model Up to 19 SEER and 13 EERUp to 16 SEER and 12.2 EERUp to 16 SEER and 12.2 EER
Energy Star QualifiedSelect models Energy Star QualifiedSelect models Energy Star Qualified
Premium model Decibels as low as 56Decibels as low as 69Decibels as low as 70
5 stage variable speed compressor operationSingle stage operationSingle stage operation
Premium model condenser coils protectedcondenser coils protectedcondenser coils protected
Premium model cabinet durabilitycabinet durabilitycabinet durability
Communication abilities with WiFi remote accessselect models have communication and remote control with added featurenot listed as having a communication ability but remote control and access available with purchase of WiFi thermostat
Premium model 10 year limited warranty and 10 no hassle replacement warranty10 year limited warranty with a 5 year no hassle replacement warranty10 year parts limited warranty
All models use R-410A RefrigerantR-410A RefrigerantR-410A Refrigerant

Warranties | ArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Arcoaire offers standard HVAC warranties for their products. In the HVAC industry, the warranties are limited parts warranties. To the consumer, this means you pay for labor if any parts go bad. We recommend if you are buying any premium model that you check with dealer about an extended parts and labor warranty. Some manufacturers offer extended parts and labor warranties. If they have one available we recommend it. Some questions you may want to ask about warranties include:

  1. Is refrigerant covered if the unit develops a refrigerant leak? If yes, then get it in writing.
  2. If a part has to be expedited, who pays for exress shipping?

Lastly, a credible contractor will also offer a contractor warranty. Typically, these warrantties are for one year from installation and normally, cover parts and labor. That includes everything under the manufacturer’s warranty plus the contractors warranty. Again, a quality contractor will always offer a warranty on any work they do for you.

Air Conditioner Pricing, Efficiency, and Return On Investment Factors

Pricing Versus Efficiency Return On Investment
EfficiencyPricing Range for Initial Purchase and Subsequent Repairs outside of WarrantyROI (Return On Investment)
19 SEER Plus$$$$$5 to 7 years depending on efficiency*
15 to 18 SEER$$$7 to 10 years depending on efficiency*
13 to 14 SEER$Over 10 years*
*Many factors depend on ROI such as house insulation, personal usage preferences, duct work integrity, and other basic efficiency factors. SEER level efficiency is very important to ROI. The higher the SEER, the quicker the return.

Arcoaire History

Arcoaire is a part of International Comfort Products which is owned by United Technologies. United Technologies is the parent company of Carrier, Bryant, and other HVAC brands.

For more information on Arcoaire and the latest information about their products check the Arcoaire website.

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ArcoAire Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings