Broan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer RatingsBroan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Broan air conditioners offer the low-end air conditioner beginning at 13 SEER and the high-end Broan air conditioner comes in at a whopping 20 SEER which is hard to beat for any air-source air conditioner. Broan air conditioners are actually manufactured by Nordyne who perfected the IQ Drive system that makes the Broan air conditioners so efficient.

The top tier Broan air conditioner at 20 SEER is a higher SEER rating than some geothermal heat pump systems. The IQ Drive system uses the same inverter technology that has been perfected in mini-split ductless air conditioner and heat pump systems. Inverter systems modulate depending on the load of the system with modulation rates from approximately 20% all the way up to 100% based on load or actual cooling demand for the air conditioner. Various features of select Broan air conditioners include:

Top SEER Rating

Broan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

The listed SEER Rating can only be achieved with a matching indoor system*. Always make sure you get a qualified contractor installation and register the warranty ASAP after installation.

Broan’s offers a full line of quality products including air conditioners. Their top of line air conditioners offer some of the highest SEER rated air conditioners in the industry. Remember to always choose the contractor wisely otherwise as quality installation is just important as quality product.

Broan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Broan History

Broan has always been a leader in residential ventilation products since 1932. While they had to scale back because of WW2 Broan survived the war to open a 20,000 sq. ft. foot facility producing ventilation products just 10 years after the war ended. Founded by Henry Broan, today Broan continues to manufacturer quality ventilation products including air conditioners.

For more on Broan and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Broan website.

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Broan Air Conditioners Reviews - Consumer Ratings