Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsLennox Gas Furnace Reviews - Lennox has several gas furnaces available from economical low efficient furnaces to high-efficiency high-dollar gas furnaces. Their gas furnaces range from 80% AFUE all the way up to 98.7% AFUE.

They are considered a premium furnace maker and HVAC equipment producer. The dealer network is strategically located all over the US and Canada so parts availability if parts are needed, can be shipped overnight if the dealer does not have the part stocked.

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Features

Various Lennox gas furnaces include the following features:

  • Variable-speed ECM blower motors for efficiency in selected models
  • Lennox claims the G71 Variable-capacity gas furnace is the quietest gas furnace you can buy. It is also one of the few only truly modulating gas furnaces with a range of firing rates from 40% to 100%.
  • Two-stage gas furnaces in selected models
  • DuralokPlus® Heat Exchanger on selected models which are considered highly efficient and reliable. The heat exchanger on selected models comes with a lifetime limited warranty - a lifetime warranty with the heat exchanger is an excellent deal for the consumer especially if it is transferable


Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews Top AFUE Rating

  • Lennox Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 97% 97%
  • Lennox Quality as Compared to Other Brands 99% 99%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 90% 90%
  • Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 100% 100%
  • Overall Lennox Opinion from a Technical Perspective 90% 90%

Additional Lennox Features

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews & Ratings
  • SureLight® Silicon Nitride Ignitor which is tough and durable on selected models
  • Duel-fuel capabilities when used with a heat pump. Proper installation and set-up of the controls are necessary for dual-fuel applications.
  • Select Lennox gas furnace models are Energy Star rated
  • Diagnostic abilities for better gas furnace troubleshooting

Lennox offers many features among various gas furnaces. For particular features see our review for particular gas furnace models. If the gas furnace model you are looking to purchase is not listed in our gas furnace directory please email us and we will do a technical review of the gas furnace for you.

Lennox Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide

Lennox Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide
Lennox Gas Furnace ModelEfficiencyGas Furnace Staging/TypeEnergy Star RatedPricing Model Group
98.7% AFUEModulatingPremium $$$$$
SL297NV97.5% AFUETwo-stagePremium $$$$$
SL280V80% AFUETwo-StageXEconomy $$
SL280NV80% AFUETwo-StageXEconomy $$
EL296V97.5% AFUETwo-StageMid Range $$$
EL296E96% AFUETwo-StageMid Range $$$
EL280E80% AFUE Two-stageXEconomy $$
EL28080% AFUETwo-StageXEconomy $$
EL196E96% AFUESingle-StageMid Range $$$
EL195E95% AFUESingle-StageMid Range $$$
EL195NE95% AFUESingle-Stage* Low NoxMid Range $$$
EL180NE80% AFUESingle-StageXEconomy $$
ML296V96% AFUETwo-StagePremium $$$$
ML19595% AFUESingle-StageXMid Range $$$
ML193E93% AFUESingle-Stage√* Southeast Region OnlyMid Range $$$
ML19393% AFUESingle-StageXMid Range $$
ML18080% AFUESingle-StageXEconomy $$
ML180E80% AFUESingle-StageXEconomy $$
Lennox Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide - Additionally, for newly installed gas furnaces precision tuning and adjustment recommended for startup. Check for HVAC tax rebates and energy credits from your government and local power provider for higher AFUE Energy Star Furnaces.

Lennox Warranties

Lennox offers some decent warranties that are in line with industry averages. They do exceed industry averages on the heat exchanger warranties on select systems. We recommend an extended labor warranty if available.

You will want a labor warranty especially if you purchase the premium models. Premium models have complex components and operating sequences. It will be necessary to hire a skilled technician to troubleshoot the problem.

Always read and understand the warranty before making the purchase. Many people don’t read it and are surprised later. The most common surprise is that you have to pay for labor. This is partially why we recommend the labor warranty if one is available. Lastly, don’t forget to register the warranty soon after installation is complete. Failure to do so may void any warranty.

Lennox Gas Furnace Buyers Guide

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews & Ratings

So it’s time to buy a new furnace and air conditioner. Where do you start? How do you protect yourself and get the best deal and installation of the new system? The new installation will require the services of an HVAC contractor. How do you find the best contractor?

How do you deal with them and get the best possible installation? Have no fear, we have written a buyer’s guide to help you along the way. Here is a small list of helpful items from our buyer’s guide page:

  1. Should the contractor guess about sizing your new HVAC equipment? Of course not. Every bid you get from an HVAC contractor should come with a load calculation. If it doesn’t, that’s not the contractor for you.
  2. What’s the most important decision factor when buying new HVAC equipment? A) Brand or B) Quality of contractor. If you answered B give yourself a gold star.
  3. If you have a forced-air system there will be considerations for the ductwork.

Find out more from our HVAC Consumer Buyers Guide.


Lennox Gas Furnace Comparison Chart

Air Source Heat Pump Tips | Dual Fuel Heating

A dual fuel heat pump is a heat pump with a gas furnace for backup heating rather than electric heat strips.

Air source heat pumps have a backup heating source. In most installations, the backup heating source is electric heat strips. Electric heat strips are very cheap to install in most cases. However, while electricity is generally regarded as 100% efficient, producing it is more costly than other heating methods. For a more efficient heat pump, consider a dual fuel heat pump, or a heat pump with a gas furnace for the backup heat source. It will be more costly to install, but your monthly bills will be reduced.

Lennox Gas Furnace Comparison Chart
Are Lennox Gas Furnaces any good?

In my opinion, Lennox makes a good furnace. The engineering is sound and they are innovative with efficiency and design in their gas furnaces. Additionally, quality control is excellent with Lennox. They also have a well-trained dealer network that is designed to benefit Lennox customers with factory-trained technicians. That is key in many areas of customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter what brand of furnace you purchase if it is installed incorrectly the furnace will not run well, experience constant breakdowns, never achieve rated efficiency, and will have to be replaced sooner. Go with a reliable, quality contractor over any brand. To Lennoxes’ benefit, they do have well-trained technicians. How do I know? I worked for a Lennox dealer for several years.

How long will a Lennox furnace last?

Working for a Lennox dealer, I saw gas furnaces still in operation that had been installed for 20 years or longer. And the customers were very happy with their Lennox furnace. Of course, the furnace was installed correctly and had regular periodic maintenance done to it.

Most gas furnaces, if installed properly, will last 15 or more years. I once read an article stating the average HVAC system (air conditioning and heating) lasted 13 years. I agree with assessment. Any furnace will last more than 13 years with proper care and attention. That means regular furnace maintenance.

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings | About

Editors note - I used to work for a Lennox dealer and while Lennox can over-engineer things a bit they do stand behind their products as long as the consumer complies with the proper procedures when purchasing their products. That includes any registration deadlines with the initial paperwork and having an authorized HVAC contractor install the system.

Lennox started in 1895 with a riveted steel furnace and eventually began producing other home comfort products. They boast more than 60 home comfort products in the product line-up. They also produce light commercial products for businesses.

For more on Lennox gas furnaces and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Lennox website.

Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Lennox Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings