Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer RatingsTrane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings - Trane offers nearly a dozen different models for air conditioning systems ranging from 13 SEER to 21 SEER models that can be matched with their air handlers or gas furnaces. Furthermore, if done properly you may also integrate these air conditioners with other manufacturers systems such as air handlers or gas or oil furnaces (Always consult a professional and the manufacturer’s recommendations). Additionally, some of the features for air conditioners are:

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings | Select Features

  • Communications ability via special equipment in the top air conditioner models.
  • Trane compressors
  • Spine fin coils on air conditioner condensers
  • Two-stage cooling of selected air conditioner models
  • Multi-stage and/or variable speed blower motors on select air conditioning systems including variable speed motors on select condensing units
  • R-410A refrigerant on select models
  • Louvered panels that protect the coils from damage
  • Lastly, sound insulation on compressors

  • Trane Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Trane Quality as Compared to Other Brands 95% 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 77% 77%
  • Trane Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Overall Trane Opinion from a Technical Perspective 89% 89%

Top Model SEER Rating

Warranties - Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

They also offer various warranties on their air conditioner condensers. Always check for the warranties specifics when selecting a model because warranties differ from model to model. Additionally, check for an extended warranty, especially with the higher SEER equipment. Furthermore, this equipment has all the bells and whistles, and if it breaks down will need the attention of a skilled technician.

Moreover, most warranties in the HVAC industry only cover parts. That means you will have to pay for labor unless you have a labor warranty. Additionally, labor warranties, if available, cost extra when the system is purchased. In some cases, the extra cost is worth it.

Trane Air Conditioner Model Comparison Guide

Trane Air Conditioner Model Comparison
XV Series (Premium Model)XL Series (Mid-Range Model)XR Series (Economy Model)
Up to 22 SEERUp to 16.5 to 18 SEER Performance14.75 to 17 SEER Performance
XV Model Trane Warranties vary with available extended parts and labor warranties for additional costs (recommended)Trane Warranties vary with available extended parts and labor warranties for additional costs (recommended)Trane Warranties vary with available extended parts and labor warranties for additional costs (recommended)
Variable-speed fan motorVariable-speed fan motorSingle-speed condenser fan motor
Trane Climatuff® Variable Speed CompressorClimatuff® compressor staging depends on modelSingle-stage Climatuff® compressor
Trane Heavy-duty steel louvered panels with an appliance-grade finishHeavy-duty steel louvered panels with an appliance-grade finishHeavy-duty steel louvered panels with an appliance-grade finish
ComfortLink II Communicating CapabilityConventional Controls with optional communicating systemConventional Controls with optional communicating system
Meets ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner qualificationsSelect models meets ENERGY STAR Air Conditioner qualifications in select modelsN/A
Trane Spine Fin coilSpine Fin coilSpine Fin coil
Trane offers no data for refrigeration pressure switches. Ask Salesman before purchase.No data available for refrigeration pressure switchesNo data available for refrigeration pressure switches
Trane Air Conditioner Model Comparison Guide - Additionally, for newly installed air conditioner precision tuning and adjustment recommended for startup. Check for tax rebates and energy credits from your government and local power provider for higher SEER Energy Star Air Conditioners.

Air Handlers | Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

Trane Air HandlerTrane air handler configuration is horizontal flow, up-flow, and down-flow applications for residential and light commercial applications.

Furthermore, they also manufacture large air handlers for commercial applications, and we will review commercial air handlers in a future planned section for Commercial HVAC equipment. Various features of select air handlers include:

Trane air handler models begin at the top with the Hyperion XL and go to the builders grade air handlers, which is the XB Trane air handler model without the bells and whistles. The Hyperion model has select features such as:

  • Double-walled construction offers better insulation with less air handler cabinet heat loss/gain. The double-walled construction and front panels also eliminate air leaks from the air handler. Air leaks cost you energy dollars.
  • ComfortLink™ II Communicating Capability - the feature is a state-of-the-art extra that makes everything about the system proprietary. If the thermostat goes out, then you have to go to Trane to get a new thermostat. These thermostats are not available at your local hardware store but only through a Trane dealer. Furthermore, if you get this feature, we recommend you purchase an extended part and labor warranty if available.

Trane Condensing Units

Condensing Units | Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

Trane Condensing Units - Trane condensing units offer SEER ratings up to 22 SEER and are available for residential and light commercial applications with air conditioner and heat pump condensers. Furthermore, their condensing units for heavy commercial applications.

With the Trane condensing units from the air conditioner side coming in at 22 SEER efficiency and the heat pump coming in at 20 SEER/10 HSPF, Trane has very high efficiency for their top-of-the-line condensers. Remember, you will only achieve these efficiency ratings if you match the indoor unit with the condensing unit, as recommended by Trane.

Furthermore, when comparing Trane with other HVAC brands, make sure to compare the warranty also as it is crucial to get a good warranty with the equipment. A few other essential factors to help you with the purchase decision are the quality of the contractor. Importantly, the installation and the efficiency level of the equipment is necessary to achieve ratings. Lastly, the most critical factor being the quality of the HVAC contractor installing the new system.

Condensing Unit Features | Trane Air Conditioner Reviews

Various features of select Trane condensing units include:

Air Conditioner Pricing, Efficiency, and Return On Investment Factors

Pricing Versus Efficiency Return On Investment
EfficiencyPricing Range for Initial Purchase and Subsequent Repairs outside of WarrantyROI (Return On Investment)
19 SEER Plus$$$$$5 to 7 years depending on efficiency*
15 to 18 SEER$$$7 to 10 years depending on efficiency*
13 to 14 SEER$Over 10 years*
*Many factors depend on ROI such as house insulation, personal usage preferences, duct work integrity, and other basic efficiency factors. SEER level efficiency is very important to ROI. The higher the SEER, the quicker the return.

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - History

In 1910 James Trane and his son Reuben began manufacturing a low-pressure heating system to heat homes. They have a long history of innovation dating back to its founder and his son, including changing the concept of air conditioning for large buildings when, in 1938, they introduced the Turbovac, which was the HVAC industry-first hermetic centrifugal refrigeration machine.

Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Your Review

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Furthermore, for more information on Trane and their latest models and efficiency ratings visit the Trane website.

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Trane Air Conditioner Reviews - Consumer Ratings