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Lennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer RatingsLennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Lennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings - This is a comprehensive listing of all our Lennox HVAC equipment reviews and comparisons. Our Lennox reviews include technical reviews of features and components along with brand versus brand articles. The brand versus brand articles allows you to compare a particular Lennox model against another brand’s similar model. Similarly, we have specific equipment reviews for the Lennox brand. Our reviews are technical reviews rather than critical reviews. This allows you as a consumer to make an informed decision.

Lennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Lennox is unique in their own right as an HVAC manufacturer for residential and light commercial systems. Some view Lennox as a leader in the industry because of their own unique engineering and pushing the envelope for the efficiency of new systems. Our Lennox equipment reviews include:

Features and Components - Lennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Features and components of Lennox equipment are highlighted and covered in our reviews. We then explain the feature or component in layman’s terms so you will understand if the feature or component is beneficial for you and what need or intend on purchasing. This allows you to make an informed decision without any bias. If we don’t explain it in the review itself we link to another article that explains the feature or component in more detail. This includes basic definitions you may not understand such as efficiency terminology used by manufacturers.

We cover warranties and recommendations or suggestions about warranties and equipment. We also offer you guidance on dealing with HVAC contractors and contracts for installation services. Everything is designed to help you, the consumer. For critical reviews, see the comments section below the review.

HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings

Lennox HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings


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HVAC Tip - Did you know the human body produces approximately 250 BTU/h when sleeping? Here is a basic list of the approximate BTU/h produced by the human body for various activities:
  • Watching Television - 400 BTU/h (any sedentary activity)
  • Cleaning the house - 700 BTU/h (moderate activity)
  • Mowing the Grass w/push mower - 1800 BTU/h (heavy activity)
  • Running a marathon - 2400 BTU/h (extreme activity)
The number of people occupying a dwelling or space is a consideration in the load calculation for sizing air conditioning systems simply because humans do give off heat. BTW, the Matrix over blew the numbers. In the movie Morpheus states humans give off over 25,000 BTU's. Only the author of this website is that hot..............))))))