Blank Display on Thermostat Problem - bad tstat
Blank Display on Thermostat Problem - Screen Disappeared - The thermostat display is our interface with our HVAC equipment. The display lets us know what the temperature is in the house. The display tells us what the desired settings are including letting us know the set point setting for the temperature. Some displays give us the time and the newer modern displays show us family photos like a screensaver on our computer. But what happens when the display is not there or there is a blank thermostat display or no display on the thermostat? Is it a bad thermostat or something else that caused the display to disappear?

Blank Display on Thermostat Problem – Types of Thermostats

First, we need to distinguish between the different types of thermostats available on the market. There are thermostats that are battery powered only and need to have fresh batteries replaced from time to time. It is a possibility that your thermostat is this type of thermostat. Possibly, also why your display is not working. You will notice the display starting to fade a little when the batteries are getting low. Some of the battery powered thermostats have a battery indicator on the display and some do not. The thermostats with the battery indicator on the display will tell you when your batteries are low. They also give you an indication when the batteries need to be replaced. Other types of thermostats will not tell you when to replace the batteries. Those without the indicator will cause you to guess when to replace the batteries. If you have either of these thermostats and your display is not working then the first thing you need to do is try to replace the batteries.
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Blank Display on Thermostat Problem - Power

The other types of thermostats use the 24 volts from the transformer that is inside your HVAC equipment for power. These thermostats use power stealing technology for their primary source of power. Consequently, a problem with the low voltage part of your HVAC equipment can fail for various reasons. Therefore, this will cause your thermostat display not to work. There are thermostats that use both batteries as a backup power source. Additionally, they also use the 24-volt system from the HVAC equipment. As the primary source of power, it is possible to have a display on your thermostat but have a problem with the 24-volt system. This will likely result in a service call from an HVAC contractor. They have the skills to figure out why the thermostat is not responding or is blank at the display.

Blank Display on Thermostat Problem - Modern Thermostats

Most of the modern thermostats today use the power stealing technology. These thermostats utilize the low voltage system (24-volts) of the transformer located in your HVAC equipment. If you have problems with the 24-volt low voltage system calling an HVAC contractor is best. The contractor can troubleshoot the problem quickly and efficiently. There are many things including safety related things than can cause you to loose the 24 volts. These issues result in no or a blank display on the thermostat. For example, a high limit switch on a gas furnace can trip for safety related reasons. Professional HVAC contractors can troubleshoot the problem and fix it properly so there is not a safety related issue. It could be something very serious or it could simply be a bad switch. The HVAC contractor will be able to tell what the exact problem is and repair it quickly and efficiently. You can be assured there will be no further problems with the HVAC equipment or the display. More on Thermostats here

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Blank Display on Thermostat Problem

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