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Goodman Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsGoodman Gas Furnace Reviews – Goodman offers gas furnaces of various efficiency ratings from 80% AFUE to 98% AFUE.

The range of features in various Goodman gas furnace offerings include variable speed blowers and multi-speed motors, staging the firing rate in various gas furnaces, electronic ignition, electronic control boards some with diagnostic abilities for better furnace troubleshooting, tubular heat exchangers.

Goodman Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Select Features

Select features of various Goodman gas furnaces include:


Goodman Gas Furnace Top AFUE

Gas Furnace Pricing, Efficiency, and Return On Investment (ROI) Factors

Pricing Versus Efficiency Return On Investment
EfficiencyPricing Range for Initial Purchase and Subsequent Repairs outside of WarrantyROI (Return On Investment)
95% AFUE Plus$$$$$5 to 7 years depending on efficiency %*
90% to 95% AFUE$$$7 to 10 years depending on efficiency %*
80% to 90%$Over 10 years*
*Many factors depend on ROI such as house insulation, personal usage preferences, duct work integrity, and other basic efficiency factors. Furnace AFUE rating is a high factor in the return.

Lifetime limited warranties on heat exchangers and ten year limited warranties on furnace parts. Of course remember it is only a parts warranty so if something goes wrong you will have to pay labor and the warranty is not transferable so if you sell the house then the warranty cannot be transferred to new buyers. High Performance HVAC always recommends you purchase the extended parts and labor warranty if available.

You must register your newly installed gas furnace within 60 days of installation to qualify for the warranty.

Goodman Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Goodman

Goodman was founded in 1954 by HVAC Contractor Harold Goodman in Houston, Texas. Goodman started making flexible air duct and plastic blade registers and later started manufacturing operations to include HVAC equipment including gas furnaces. One of Goodman’s philosophies is to build HVAC equipment that has high quality at a low cost.

For more information on Goodman and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Goodman website.

Gas Furnace Reviews

Goodman Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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