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Home Insulation And HVAC

Home Insulation And HVAC - Are you tired of inconsistency in your home temperature? If your home gets extremely cold in winters and hot in summers, it is not the fault of your HVAC system. It happens due to poor insulation arrangement or installation. Most people do...

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Furnace Breaker Trips

Furnace Breaker Trips - Furnace breakers most often occur for a few reasons: a bad circuit breaker a bad furnace fan motor or component poor airflow through the furnace Let's explore these reasons in detail and find out what you can do to fix a furnace breaker trip....

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How Hot Surface Ignition Works

How Hot Surface Ignition Works - Hot surface ignition is a method of lighting a gas furnace. It is used in many different types of gas furnaces in use today. You may be wondering how hot surface ignition works? Therefore we decided to write an article on it so you can...

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HVAC Random Tip Box

HVAC Tip - Did you know the human body produces approximately 250 BTU/h when sleeping? Here is a basic list of the approximate BTU/h produced by the human body for various activities:
  • Watching Television - 400 BTU/h (any sedentary activity)
  • Cleaning the house - 700 BTU/h (moderate activity)
  • Mowing the Grass w/push mower - 1800 BTU/h (heavy activity)
  • Running a marathon - 2400 BTU/h (extreme activity)
The number of people occupying a dwelling or space is a consideration in the load calculation for sizing air conditioning systems simply because humans do give off heat. BTW, the Matrix over blew the numbers. In the movie Morpheus states humans give off over 25,000 BTU's. Only the author of this website is that hot..............))))))