Frigidaire HVAC Reviews | Consumer RatingsFrigidaire HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Frigidaire HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings – Here you will find a listing of all the products for Frigidaire HVAC equipment reviews and ratings. Currently, our listings are only for air conditioners and heat pumps, however, we have plans to increase the listing for Frigidaire in the near future as our editorial schedule permits. With a limited listing for the manufacturer we ask if you want a specific review for a gas furnace or page unit system made by Frigidaire please use our contact form to contact us and we will add it to our immediate schedule to write for that particular Frigidaire product.

Frigidaire HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Frigidaire is a recognized brand name for home products, especially for refrigerators. While Frigidaire continues to make home products such as refrigerators, among other products, Frigidaire HVAC equipment is produced under license by Nordyne. Nordyne makes a complete line of Frigidaire branded HVAC equipment for sale through the Frigidaire HVAC dealer network. Among our specific reviews for other HVAC products, we have several categories including:

While we only include Frigidaire reviews and ratings for air conditioners and heat pumps we will include more reviews for other types of Frigidaire HVAC products in the near future.

Our reviews and ratings include:

  • Specific technical information on featured components that will be beneficial to you.
  • A breakdown of specific information about features that may be beneficial to you. Do you need this feature or not? We help you answer those questions.
  • Technical information explained in layman’s terms so you understand it. No technobabble.
  • Product warranty information and what to look out for. Also following basic warranty requirements.
  • Extras you may want to consider purchasing to save you money in the long run.

HVAC Reviews Consumer Ratings

Frigidaire HVAC Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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HVAC Tip - Did you know the human body produces approximately 250 BTU/h when sleeping? Here is a basic list of the approximate BTU/h produced by the human body for various activities:
  • Watching Television - 400 BTU/h (any sedentary activity)
  • Cleaning the house - 700 BTU/h (moderate activity)
  • Mowing the Grass w/push mower - 1800 BTU/h (heavy activity)
  • Running a marathon - 2400 BTU/h (extreme activity)
The number of people occupying a dwelling or space is a consideration in the load calculation for sizing air conditioning systems simply because humans do give off heat. BTW, the Matrix over blew the numbers. In the movie Morpheus states humans give off over 25,000 BTU's. Only the author of this website is that hot..............))))))