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HVAC Writer | Richard Ashworth is a writer, developer and proprietor of High Performance HVAC. He is also a licensed Master in the following disciplines: HVAC, Electrician and Gas Fitter. He is an apprentice of life and the Jedi Brotherhood (just kidding about the Jedi thing but its great to imagine)! Plying the trades he has worked as an HVAC Technician, a Controls Technician, a Commissioning Engineer, a technical writer, a programmer, and a few other technical jobs related to the mentioned trades.

HVAC WriterHe currently works as a consultant on large construction projects assuring that quality control and technical details are met by contractors on the projects. This includes writing reports, test scripts for HVAC systems, automated controls, electrical systems and training operators who will operate and maintain the equipment for the projects. Mr. Ashworth is available for consultation and writing opportunities concerning the mentioned trades specifically specializing in Automation Controls and HVAC, new or retrofit projects. Additionally, he is also pretty good with websites along with various software platforms. Lastly, when he is not busy, he is working on his new book - photo to the right.

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Simply use the contact form here at High Performance HVAC to contact him.

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It was my pleasure to be on the panel for a discussion with several STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) students interested in HVAC careers. A shout out to my friend Bill for the invitation as one of the panel guests. I truly enjoyed answering questions and talking with the students about a career in HVAC. If you decide on a career in HVAC I wish you luck in all your endeavors and look forward to seeing you on one of my projects one day. There were some international students in attendance but I had no problem speaking Australian. G’day mate!!

A shout out to Deloris in Belleville for pointing out a few typos and grammar errors. Thanks for helping us make the site better!

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