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Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews Consumer RatingsLeaving a review does not require a log in. However, reviews are moderated to weed out spammers. We just upgraded the software to a better reviews software and are working on a way to migrate previous reviews from the old comments section. Review your HVAC equipment today.

Daikin offers air conditioners for residential applications in the capacity range from 2 to 5 tons. They have been a proven leader in refrigeration and increasing efficiency with air conditioners and heat pumps. They were the innovators behind VRV or VRF technology that is being used in more and more air conditioners heat pumps. VRV or VRF stand for Variable Refrigerant Volume or Variable Refrigerant Flow respectively. VRV and VRF are pretty much one in the same with the only difference being the name. A VRV or VRF system will modulate the compressor based on demand. Modulating the system has been proven to save energy and the life of the equipment.

Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Daikins top of the line air conditioner offers 24.5 SEER which is pretty close to what others have for their premium units now. Daikin also has mid-grade models and economy models for those on a budget. Various features of Daikin air conditioning systems include:

  • High-efficiency two-stage scroll compressor in select Daikin air conditioners
  • Uses chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant
  • Select units are EnergyStar rated
  • Powered by a Daikin brand variable-speed scroll compressor in select Daikin models
  • 500-hour salt-spray tested in select units
  • Diagnostic features with fault code storage for better air conditioner troubleshooting
  • Engineered to reduce operating noise levels with sound levels down to 58 decibels
  • ECM variable-speed outdoor fan motor in select models
  • 12-Year Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and 12-Year Parts Limited Warranty for select Daikin air conditioners

Daikin Top SEER Rating

Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Additional Information

Daikins warranty seems to be slightly better than other manufacturers with only a few other manufacturers matching the 12-year warranty. Always remember to register the warranty within the deadline period after installation is complete. Otherwise, the manufacturer has no obligation to honor the warranty. Some people have learned this the hard way and then cussed out the manufacturer. I know, I get emails from people about this and some reviews indicate this problem. In that case, can’t really blame the manufacturer.

What’s your opinion? Make a review today. If you own a Daikin and are happy with it we would love to hear from you. It helps others make buying decisions.

Additionally, speaking of warranties. Always check to see if the manufacturer has an extended parts and labor warranty. If you are buying mid-grade to top-tier equipment I recommend you purchase that warranty (if available). Finally, no matter the brand or the type of equipment you purchase, the best you can get is only as good as the installing contractor. Make sure you get a qualified and competent contractor to install the system.

Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About

Daikin Air ConditionersDaikin began in 1924 manufacturing radiator tubes for aircraft. In 1938 they branched out and got into refrigeration providing refrigeration units for the Japanese Navy.  In the 50’s Daikin introduced their first air conditioners. As they grew so did Daikins innovation for various comfort and industrial cooling systems. In 2012, Daikin purchased Goodman Manufacturing out of Houston, Texas.

Finally, a few words about the video. It appears to be too close to the house. Most manufacturers require a minimum of 18 inches installation from the house. Of course that would be difficult because of the property line. The property line is another issue. In most municipalities, if you install any type of unit within 10 feet of the property line you have to get prior approval from the AHJ or code authorities. Don’t know if the contractor did that or got approval from the manufacturer to install unit within the 18 inch minimum. I don’t know the situation or conditions but I would have recommended to the homeowner to install the unit in another location.

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Daikin Air Conditioner Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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