Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer RatingsBurnham Boiler Reviews - Burnham offers boilers with efficiency ranges from 81% AFUE to 95% AFUE. They are the only HVAC manufacturer High Performance HVAC has found that publishes the certifications of efficiency certificates from GAMA (now AHRI) .

Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Technical

Boilers are available as a condensing boiler, a cast iron boiler, and other combinations such as an oil boiler or a gas boiler. Gas boilers can be broken down into a natural gas or LP. Then you have hot water boilers and steam boilers with steam boilers being cast iron. Hot water boilers can be either cast iron or cast aluminum depending on the efficiency level of the boiler. A condensing boiler will likely be cast aluminum and is higher in boiler efficiency ratings than either steam or a typical atmospheric boiler. Burnham offers all these combinations a good dealer network to help find the right boiler for you and your home or business. As mentioned below, it is important to find a qualified contractor for installation.

Boiler Installation

It is important that the boiler is installed properly by a certified HVAC or Plumbing company.  Poorly installed boilers will have problems and cost you more in fuel, repairs, and decreasing the life of the boiler. Many people complain of cracked boilers where a crack forms in the cast iron or cast aluminum. There are factory defects but most of the time this happens it is because of improper installation and set up of the boiler which results in thermal shock and other problems related to improper installation. It is important that the boiler are tested on a cold day after it is installed. A high-temperature difference between the supply and the return can have bad effects on the boiler and cause it to crack.

Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Additional Installation

With the proper flow rate and controls the temperature difference can be maintained within the range of the manufacturers specifications and your boiler will last a very long time with no problems. Always make sure you hire a contractor that will do the job properly. There are many boiler reviews on other sites and many of the comments are bad and concern a cracked boiler. I can bet that these people took the lowest bidder and most likely the lowest bidder had no idea what they were doing. They installed it, hooked it up, turned it on and let it go without testing to make sure it was working properly using an approved factory start-up sequencing. In that case, you will have problems that will end up costing you a lot of money and frustration down the road. Hire a good, certified contractor and avoid these problems in the future.

Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Burnham produces boilers for the residential and the commercial markets. Features of select hot water boilers are:

  • Fully modulating firing rates in select boilers - a modulating firing rate means the boiler can run at 25% or 100% or anywhere in between depending on the load or demand put on the boiler. This requires the boiler be set up with the proper controls and that the controls are calibrated. With a proper set up the boiler will modulate depending on the demand. If it is really cold outside the demand will be high so the boiler will modulate up to a 100% but if it is not cold outside, just cool, then the boiler will modulate to a lower firing rate.
  • Reset Control - This increases boiler efficiency which means the boiler will use less fuel whether that be gas or oil you will save money with a boiler that can fully modulate its firing rate. For this feature to work you will need an outdoor reset control so you can save money on fuel costs.
  • Low NOx and CO ratings - This is important for the environment and boiler efficiency
  • Direct vent sealed combustion in select boilers - direct vent boilers will use the combustion air from outside the structure so you do not use the air on the inside for combustion air.
  • Cast aluminum and cast iron heat exchangers in select boilers - many manufacturers are using cast aluminum in the higher efficiency boilers and continue to use cast iron in other boilers. If you buy a condensing boiler it will likely be cast aluminum but if you buy other wet based type of boilers it will be cast iron.
  • Gas or oil boilers available in select Burnham boilers - this is usually optional when you buy a boiler. Some people use oil or LP because of the unavailability of natural gas.
  • Stainless Steel burners make for durability for extended life of the boiler system. Regular burner cleaning and maintenance is still required.
  • Outdoor reset available for hot water boilers as an option - outdoor reset is a control that will allow the boiler to modulate depending on the outside air temperature. This will save you money by allowing the boiler to modulate in low load situations and use less fuel. Usually, the outdoor rest control is an added feature which means you will pay an additional cost for this feature but in many circumstances, this added cost is worth the cost and will pay for itself over a period of time.

Burnham Condensing Boiler Product Line Up
ProductEfficiency RatingHeating Capacity Range (MBH)Heat Exchanger TypeDomestic Hot Water Use?
Burnham K2FT Condensing Boiler95 AFUE79 to 251Fire TubeYes
Burnham K2WT Condensing Boiler92 AFUE to 95 AFUE74 to 167Water TubeOnly as an add-on for top two K2WT
Alpine Model (6 Models)95 AFUE80 to 210Special Coil Type Stainless SteelYes
XC Model93.3 AFUE to 95 AFUE74 to 170N/AN/A

About Burnham

Burnham Hydronics has been producing cast iron boilers for much of their 125-year history. They also own Thermo Pride and Crown boilers. To see reviews of other technical boiler reviews such as this Burnham Boiler Review use our category navigation and navigate to Boiler Reviews for a complete list.

For  more information on Burnham boilers and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Burnham website.

Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Burnham Boiler Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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