Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace ReviewsCarrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Reviews - The Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace comes with an AFUE rating of up to 96.5% AFUE.

What separates this gas furnace from another gas furnace is the Boost name and the efficiency range. Carrier calls it Boost and describes the name Boost as when this furnace is combined with a Carrier heat pump or air conditioner and you are using it in cooling mode the furnace blower will circulate cool air throughout the house.

This has the ability to increase the efficiency of selected 13 and 14 SEER air conditioners and heat pumps by 1.5% SEER points. Carrier is a member of GAMA (Now AHRI) which is a respected organization that certifies manufacturer’s claims with efficiency ratings.

  • Carrier Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 90% 90%
  • Carrier Quality as Compared to Other Brands 95% 95%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 90% 90%
  • Carrier Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 93% 93%
  • Overall Carrier Opinion from a Technical Perspective 85% 85%


Carrier Boost 90 AFUE (up to)

Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Healthy Criticism/Skepticism

Of course, it is my duty to be skeptical of different claims manufacturers make and I would like to see the technicalities of this claim before I am a firm believer and can offer a professional opinion one way or the other on this feature listed with Carrier.

I am guessing Carrier gives the blower a longer run-time after the condenser shuts down to offer more dehumidification and to take advantage of the cold evaporator coil while it is still cold however many manufacturers do this by having delay control of the blower. This is a desired feature for summertime operation.

After the condenser shuts down the blower will continue to run because the evaporator coil is still cold. Why not take advantage of the cool evaporator coil and use it to offer a little more cooling?

This is a common feature with all air conditioning systems but it is not clear what Carrier is doing to offer this higher Boost in SEER for an air conditioning or heat pump system coupled with this gas furnace.

Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Features listed for the Carrier Performance Boost 90 58MEB Gas Furnace are:

  • Up to 96.5% AFUE rated - this is high AFUE but not the highest for gas furnaces. If you want a higher AFUE rating then you will have to go with the Carrier Infinity series modulating gas furnace.
  • Diagnostic features for better gas furnace troubleshooting
  • 5-year parts warranty with a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger. This feature is different from some other manufacturers who typically offer lifetime warranties on heat exchangers.
  • Meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • The Carrier 58MEB gas furnace will support a thermidistat and a thermostat. I hope that all Carrier Gas Furnaces would support thermostats and a thermidistat. A thermidistat is a combination of a thermostat and humidistat. A thermidistat will offer temperature control and humidity control.
Additional Features
  • Diagnostics are listed as on-board diagnostics. The control board in the gas furnace has the ability to help an HVAC technician diagnose problems with the furnace. This feature is tied to a certain amount of memory in case the power goes out. In that case, the control board will retain the trouble fault or flash codes. This makes for expedient gas furnace troubleshooting.
  • The capacity range for this gas furnace runs between 38,000 and 128,000 BTU/H.
  • The blower is listed as a single-stage electronically controlled blower. This is slightly confusing as listed by Carrier because in the same listing it says it is a Programmed ECM. ECM to me is an Electronically Commutated Motor which is a variable-speed blower motor. Carrier doesn’t mention variable speed anywhere in the specs. They only say it is a programmed ECM. ECM can be variable speed. It can also be single speed. Or staged for various processes.
  • A polypropylene-coated heat exchanger. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer and the Carrier must be telling us that the secondary heat exchanger is coated with polypropylene. I can’t see plastic standing up to the temperatures in the primary heat exchanger. The secondary heat exchanger runs much cooler. It needs to stand up to the corrosive effects of combustion by-products. Polypropylene will do this in the secondary heat exchanger where corrosion is a big factor.
  • Natural gas and convertible to propane. This is industry standard so you have the option of natural gas or propane without making a special order.

Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Conclusion

From reading the specifications of this furnace it looks like Carrier is trying hard to offer you a good furnace. However, there are still unanswered questions as mentioned in the above review.

For more information on Carrier and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Carrier website.

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Carrier Performance Boost 90 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings