Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsWestinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews - Westinghouse offers several models of gas furnaces with various efficiency ratings from the minimum AFUE levels as required by the DOE up to 96% AFUE. Unlike other manufacturers, Westinghouse keeps their model line up simple with a basic single line comprising of several different models.

Westinghouse is a branded HVAC product licensed to Nortek International also know as Nordyne. Westinghouse, for HVAC products, is currently considered a legacy brand which is no longer produced by Nortek (or Nordyne). 

From the minimum efficiency economy model up to the top premium model, Westinghouse gives some good options for selection of a new gas furnace. They include gas packs in their models that are specifically for stand-alone furnaces or with a split system air conditioner or dual fuel heat pump. 


Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings


Westinghouse Gas Furnace Top AFUE%


At the time of this writing, Westinghouse offers 16 different models that include gas packs (either heat pump or air conditioner) and basic gas furnaces with various features and components. From the premium models to the economic models there are many choices available from the Westinghouse line. For more information on Westinghouse, gas packs see our Westinghouse Package Unit Reviews article. This technical review is more applicable to the standard stand-alone gas furnace or gas furnace that can be used in a split system configuration.

Select Features and Components | Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Select features of Westinghouse gas furnaces include:

  • Blower compartment with air leaks less than two percent. This means the design is good to prevent air leakage which reduces efficiency. I’ve observed another manufacturer that promotes air leaks of less than one percent. Two percent is satisfactory in my opinion as I’ve seen much worse.
  • Two-stage gas furnaces available in their premium models. Compared to some other manufacturers, Westinghouse is behind for a premium model that is a modulating gas furnace.
  • Variable speed ECM blower motors in select models. This is a feature that is in their premium models while other models offer the conventional PSC multi-speed blower motors. Typically, with PSC motors, one speed is wired for heating and another speed is wired for cooling when in a split system configuration. With the variable speed blower, the speed is controlled electronically and offers a wider range of options for control that increase efficiency. The downside to ECM motors, out of warranty if a repair is needed it can be a lot more costly than the conventional PSC motors.
  • iSEER Technology in select systems. This makes it compatible with a matched Westinghouse air conditioner condensing unit where the whole system including the furnace can be Air Conditioner Energy Star rated. Or if it is a dual fuel system, an Energy Star rated heat pump system. Energy Star rated systems can qualify for rebates and tax incentives from the government and some utilities. This includes an Energy Star rated gas furnace.
  • Lastly, Westinghouse mentions they do over 200 quality checks on each furnace before they leave the factory. In that regard, the furnace should be perfect provided it is installed properly by a quality and qualified HVAC contractor.

Economy Model Furnaces | Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Other gas furnaces available from Westinghouse include the economy models they offer. Some of these furnaces offer various components to increase comfort rather designed to increase efficiency. One of their bare minimum AFUE rated (80%) furnaces has a variable speed blower motor and two-stage operation.

If you happened to click on the links I provided above for modulating gas furnaces or even two-stage gas furnaces then you likely observed the graphic that demonstrates temperature swings from single-stage to two-stage to modulating gas furnaces. The modulating or staging effect increases comfort as the graphic shows.

Modulating Furnace temperature swing comparison

The bottom line is you want to be comfortable and you want your furnace to be efficient so you don’t pay an arm and a leg to stay warm in the winter. I think Westinghouse offers a good product but then again, the brand is not everything. Choosing the right contractor that will do a great job will determine a lot. It can mean the difference between being frustrated for many years to being the happiest Westinghouse customer in the world. A quality installation makes a big difference so make sure you choose the installation contractor carefully.

Warranties | Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

We include our warranty advice in every article to help you with HVAC warranties. If you are purchasing the mid to premium models you may want to consider a parts and labor warranty if it is offered by the manufacturer or dealer. Since the warranty period for Westinghouse, furnaces have a 10-year limited parts warranty along with a Quality Pledge condition that promises to replace the furnace if any major component fails (heat exchanger in this case) then an extended warranty is likely not necessary.

Always make sure you follow the instructions and comply with the warranty requirements. Additionally, warranties change, so make sure you read and understand the warranty. Good luck!!

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Westinghouse Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings