Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsMaytag Gas Furnace Reviews - Maytag HVAC equipment, including gas furnaces, are produced by Nordyne. The relationship between Maytag and Nordyne is not clear - does Nordyne lease the name Maytag for the products they produce, or does Maytag own Nordyne. Finally, perhaps we find the answer for you soon to keep you updated.

I was surprised when researching gas furnaces that list their highest efficiency gas furnace at 96% AFUE. Furthermore, this is a good AFUE rating for a gas furnace by an HVAC manufacturer. Finally, there is also no listing on the site that they are a member of AHRI, which certifies manufacturer efficiency claims.

A prominent feature of their products is their warranties. All the HVAC products from Maytag that we researched for the reviews come with a 12-year worry-free limited warranty. This warranty applies to parts but not labor as most warranties go, but 12 years makes this a great warranty.

Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews - Benefits of selected and various gas furnaces include:

  • The 96+ Maytag gas furnace comes with iSEER™ and claims it boosts the SEER of a matched air conditioner by 1 SEER.
  • The 96+ Maytag gas furnace uses iQ Drive ®, controlled by a like-named thermostat. (no details by Maytag about how these two different systems work to give you added efficiency.
  • Limited lifetime warranties on the heat exchanger for selected gas furnace models
  • Maytag Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 96% 96%
  • Maytag Quality as Compared to Other Brands 89% 89%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 86% 86%
  • Maytag Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 99% 99%
  • Overall Maytag Opinion from a Technical Perspective 91% 91%


Maytag Gas Furnace Top AFUE Rating

Additional Features

  • First, Two-Stage gas furnace models available from Maytag
  • Fixed blower delay, which they claim to be innovative; however, this is standard throughout the industry. A startup delay on the blower is done to heat the system before the blower comes on. Furthermore, that prevents cold air from being circulated through the duct system by allowing the heat exchanger to heat up before the blower energizes.
  • Finally, diagnostic abilities for better gas furnace troubleshooting


Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews - Maytag warranties are above average than most industry warranties. Furthermore, their warranties are 12-years limited parts, while the rest of the industry averages only 10-years. They also offer a lifetime warranty on Maytag heat exchangers, which optimal. You can’t get any better than a lifetime warranty. However, always read the warranties before purchase to ensure you understand them. Pay close attention to exclusions, such as owner transfer. Many HVAC warranties do not allow owner transfer if you sell your home. Additionally, while they cover the part, labor is not included. Finally, don’t forget to register for the warranty soon after installation.

Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews Buyers Guide

Purchasing a new HVAC system can be nerve-wracking. Dealing with contractors and getting the details right is essential. How many times does the average person buy a new HVAC system in their lifetime? Probably not a lot. Therefore, we have written a detailed guide for you that helps you through the process. Here are a few tips from our buyer’s guide:

  1. Always call three different contractors to get three different bids. Remember, during this process, you are evaluating the contractor.
  2. If the contractor doesn’t perform a load calculation, then you do not want that contractor. Sizing your HVAC system is crucial to get right. Additionally, if the system size changes, so will the size of your ductwork.
  3. If the old system used R-22 refrigerant, the new system would use R-410A. Some contractors try to reuse the line set. Don’t do it. Replace the line set.

Find out more at our HVAC Consumer Buyer’s Guide article. It’s free and packed with more information and details to help you through the process.

Maytag Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide

Maytag Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide
Model | SeriesEfficiencyEnergy Star RatedOperation
PGC2TE PGC2TN | M120096% AFUETwo-Stage Heating
MGC2TE MGC2TN | M12096% AFUETwo-Stage Heating
PGC2TC | M120095.1% AFUETwo-Stage Heating
MGC2TC | M12095.1% AFUEXTwo-Stage Heating
MGC2SD, MGC2SM | M12095% AFUEXSingle-Stage Heating
MGC2SD-E | M120up to 95% AFUEXSingle-Stage Heating
MGC2SC, MGC2SL | M12092.1% AFUEXSingle-Stage Heating
PGC2TA PGC2TK | M120080% AFUEXTwo-Stage Heating
PGC2TA PGC2TK | M120080% AFUEXTwo-Stage Heating
MGC2TA, MGC2TK | M12080% AFUEXSingle-Stage Heating
MGC2SA, MGC2SK | M12080% AFUEXSingle-Stage Heating
Maytag Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide - Additionally, for newly installed gas furnaces, precision tuning, and adjustment recommended for the startup. Check for tax rebates and energy credits from your government and local power provider for higher AFUE Energy Star Furnaces.

Maytag Gas Furnace Staging Benefits

You may be asking the question, “What’s better: single-stage or two-stage and why?” Single-stage has one firing rate. It fires at 100%. A two-stage furnace has two firing rates. Low-fire and high-fire. What’s the difference, and how does it affect you? While you can have a single-stage and a two-stage have the same efficiency rating, the difference is more comfort.

Furthermore, the two-stage keeps the temperatures more even and stable, whereas in the single-stage system you experience more temperature “swing”. Finally, the single stage keeps your house warm, but there is a more significant swing in temperature.

Additionally, according to the chart below, modulating is the best for even temperatures. However, Maytag does not offer a modulating gas furnace. If you are purchasing a Maytag gas furnace, the two-stage is the best buy for a reduced temperature swing.

Modulating Furnace temperature swing comparison

Maytag History

Maytag began in 1893 as a farm implement manufacturer and later moved into making washing machines, which they are famous for when, in 1907, Fred Maytag decided to make washing machines. In the 1970s, the Maytag man came on television commercials and in 1974, introduced their very first automatic washing machine. They now make many different appliances, including air conditioning and heating systems

Finally, for more information on Maytag and its latest models and efficiency ratings, please see the Maytag website.

Gas Furnace Reviews

Maytag Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings