Heil QuietComfort VS95 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Heil QuietComfort VS95 Gas Furnace Reviews - The Heil VS 95 Gas Furnace is Energy Star rated and is rated 95% AFUE for efficiency. This is the top of the line for Heil gas furnaces and since Heil is owned by ICP which is owned by Carrier’s parent company I would expect some good research and development by one of those companies before they release any products especially gas furnaces.
This model of furnace has been changed. This is an archived review as this particular furnace may or may not be available.

The heat exchanger does come with a lifetime limited warranty and a 10-year parts limited warranty. Additionally, this gas furnace closely resembles the same furnace produced by other ICP companies but the name of the other furnaces is/was AirQuest.

Heil QuietComfort VS95 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Select features of the Heil VS95 gas furnace include:

  • Two-stage gas valve with a two-speed induced draft motor for low fire and high fire. This feature can save you money only if it is installed and controlled properly.
  • Heat exchanger is made from corrosion resistant weld free stainless steel for durability. The lifetime warranty is excellent with this feature although it is always recommended to have a carbon monoxide detector with any fossil fuel burning appliance.
  • Variable speed ECM blower modulates as needed (with the proper controls in place) and makes this furnace compatible with many dehumidification programs that come with an air conditioner system.
  • Extended labor programs are available usually for an extra cost
  • Heil Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 90%
  • Heil Quality as Compared to Other Brands 90%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 98%
  • Heil Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 89%
  • Overall Heil Opinion from a Technical Perspective 90%


Heil QuietComfort VS95 AFUE Rating

Don’t forget to register the warranty as soon as possible after installation. Most manufacturers give you a limited amount of time to register. For details and help buying new HVAC equipment see our Buyers Guide.

Additional Features

  • Engineered for quiet operation (variable speed blowers are generally much quieter than other blowers)
  • Direct hot surface ignition (silicon nitride igniter is a very good way to ignite the furnace).

Heil QuietComfort VS95 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - About Heil

Heil has changed hands many time times since its inception but is now owned by United Technologies which is the same parent company that owns Carrier and Bryant.

For more on Heil and their latest models and efficiency ratings please visit the Heil website.

If you have a particular model number for any type of HVAC Equipment please email us and we will do an HVAC technical review of the air conditioning or heating equipment for you.

Gas Furnace Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Heil QuietComfort VS 95 Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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