Amana AM Series Gas Furnace ReviewsAmana AM Series Gas Furnace Reviews - When we think of Amana we think about refrigerators and dishwashers. Amana broke into the HVAC market many years ago and they are going strong even after an ownership change.

Amana offers the AMH95 Gas Furnace as part of their overall HVAC equipment line-up. It is a high-efficiency gas furnace. It is rated 95% efficient. This is very good for your gas bill and keeping you warm in the wintertime. Amana offers a good warranty to go with the AMH95 Gas Furnace.

Amana AM Series Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Warranty Information

Amana AM Series Gas Furnace Reviews - A lifetime warranty (to the original owner only) on the heat exchanger. An additional 10-year parts limited warranty on all other functional parts. This makes it one of the best off-the-shelf warranties. You can’t get better unless you pay extra for an extended warranty.

Amana AM Series Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings - Features

Some of the features listed with the Amana AM Series Gas Furnace are:


Amana AM Series Gas Furnace AFUE (up to)

  • Patented Stainless-Steel heat exchanger that is tubular. Tubular heat exchangers are different than the clam-shell variety heat exchangers. Regardless of the design, the important part is that the heat exchanger is efficient and safe. With a lifetime warranty on this heat exchanger, Amana is backing up durability and safety.
  • A silicon nitride igniter that has adaptive learning. The silicon nitride igniter is rugged and durable. Amana has tested this by trying to put through a piece of wood. They claim success without breaking the igniter. This not standard with most hot surface igniters as they break easily and require replacement. What’s more? The silicon nitride igniter in the Amana AMH95 has adaptive learning. It compensates for voltage variations in the line voltage. It learns to apply just the right amount of heat to ignite the gas. This is good and not standard for many manufacturers. On the surface, it does save a little bit of money. It reduces the power consumed to light the gas. However, this is minimal compared to the overall scheme of energy savings. However, with the fuel crunch going on and rising power and energy costs it never hurts to save. Even if it is minimal.
  • Electronic Control Board with Self-Diagnostics - this is standard among many manufacturers including the Amana Gas Furnace. Electronics or solid-state components have replaced the use of relays and miles of wiring. Self-Diagnostics is also a common feature among different HVAC manufacturers offered on the market today. Some Self-Diagnostic features are smarter than others. Amana is keeping up with the Jones by offering a self-diagnostic board with their equipment.
Run Testing and Two-Stage Firing Rate
  • Run-tested at the Amana factory before shipping. Another common feature that is part of many manufacturer’s quality assurance departments. Amana would not look so good shipping 100 units without a thing-a-ma-jig. Additionally, it would cost them a lot of money to have the units fixed in the field. That is versus checking to make sure everything works at the factory before shipping.
  • Two-stage firing rate for the Amana AMH95 Gas Furnace. This is becoming more and more common among manufacturers of gas-fired furnaces. As technology advances gas furnaces will also modulate the firing rate. A firing rate based on demand rather than just one or two firing rates. Another manufacturer already offers a modulating furnace that can fire between 40% to 100% based on demand. Amana has not offered this technology yet but rests assured as the competition adopts these new technologies and energy-saving strategies Amana will offer them also in the future.


Overall the Amana AM Series Gas Furnace gets high marks for its features and efficiency ratings. Add the better than average warranty and this makes it a go for the purchase. Additionally, the Amana brand is a good brand overall.

For more about Amana and its latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Amana website.

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Amana AM Series Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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