ArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer OpinionsArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Opinions- ArcoAire has three specific model series for their gas furnaces. The Ion™ Series, the QuietComfort Series, and the Performance Series. Additionally, the Ion™ Series is their premium brand, while the Performance Series is their economy brand. The Ion™ brand series offer high-efficiency ranges for their top models of gas furnaces.

Three brand series also offer minimum AFUE efficiency ranges to increase your purchase options among the series triple. In the Ion™ and Performance series of ArcoAire gas furnaces, ten gas furnaces are ranging in efficiency rating from 80% AFUE to 98% AFUE. With various features and components, both series brands offer many different options for a potential buyer. We’ll cover the basics here and explain the technical side of the more complex components.


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ArcoAire gas Furnace Top AFUE Rating

Many manufacturers of gas furnaces use the same technology but refer to it in different terms. Since the same group owns ArcoAire as Carrier and Bryant, some of the design, components, and engineering are the same. Some of their appliances even have the same look. However, while some of the technology is the same, they refer to it in a different term. For whatever reason, perhaps it is merely marketing. No matter, we will fill you in on the terms with terms you understand.

Arcoaire Gas Furnaces

Energy Efficiency and Gas Furnace AFUE

Just because you spend extra money to buy a high AFUE gas furnace does not mean you will have true energy efficiency. There are many factors to getting true energy efficiency. Among these factors are:

  1. Proper installation of the gas furnace
  2. Ductwork Integrity
  3. Home Insulation including energy-efficient doors and windows
  4. Home humidity levels

For more information see our article on Gas Furnace Efficiency Factors

Gas Furnace Pricing, Efficiency, and Return On Investment (ROI) Factors

Pricing Versus Efficiency Return On Investment
EfficiencyPricing Range for Initial Purchase and Subsequent Repairs outside of WarrantyROI (Return On Investment)
95% AFUE Plus$$$$$5 to 7 years depending on efficiency %*
90% to 95% AFUE$$$7 to 10 years depending on efficiency %*
80% to 90%$Over 10 years*
*Many factors depend on ROI such as house insulation, personal usage preferences, ductwork integrity, and other essential efficiency factors. The furnace AFUE rating is a high factor in the return.

Pricing Concerns | ArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews

I see some other websites listing prices for HVAC equipment in their reviews. We have a single brand here where we list prices. We only list those prices because the manufacturer lists them on their website as average prices. I’ve been active in the trade for many years and worked different jobs within the trade. From installation to service, to management. I don’t agree with listing prices, and here is why; You can call ten contractors to give you ten estimates for the same size and brand, and you will get ten different prices. There are also regional and local considerations that include codes and other regulations.

Therefore, because someone in Florida bought a newly installed system for 5K, someone in Michigan would pay 7K for the same system. Additionally, every single job is different. You may need more modifications to the ductwork or even new ductwork altogether. That will add to the cost. Any prices you see online, take with a grain of salt. Take it with skepticism because the odds are you will not get your system for the same price.

Features | ArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews

Some of the features for various ArcoAire gas furnaces include:

  • Modulating gas furnaces. The modulation range is not listed, but most manufacturers modulate between 40% to 100% of furnace capacity. Depending on the control, this makes the modulating furnaces more efficient. It also adds comfort by reducing the temperature swing that you get from single-stage furnaces. Modulating gas furnaces use a modulating gas valve and more speed control over the blower. When the firing rate is less, so is the blower speed. When the firing is higher, so is the blower speed. These furnaces utilize an ECM blower motor that has its own independent control board.
  • Two-stage gas furnaces. ArcoAire gas furnaces with the two-stage operation have a low-fire and a high-fire rate. The low-fire rate is around 40 to 50%, while the high-fire rate is 100%. The two-stage furnaces, as with the modulating gas furnace, offer less temperature swing which improves comfort and efficiency.
  • As mentioned above, select ArcoAire gas furnaces to come with an ECM blower motor. ECM blowers offer variable speed which depends on how ArcoAire controls the motor.
  • The sound of the furnace is negligible. ArcoAire uses rubber isolation pads for the blower mount and an insulated cabinet to reduce the sound from their furnaces. Thie biggest complaint about some gas furnaces is the noise levels, especially when they fire. ArcoAire seems to have taken pains of using methods to dampen any sounds coming from their furnaces.
  • A direct hot surface ignition system lights the burners directly rather than using an indirect method such as a pilot light. Silicon Nitride ignitors are industry standard and are fairly reliable.
  • Select ArcoAire gas furnaces to offer a communication ability that includes WiFi and remote monitoring and control. While this feature is nice, we will offer advice on this feature below.

Arcoaire Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide

Arcoaire® Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide
ModelEfficiency RatingOperationEnergy Star Rating
F97CMN Ion™ 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas FurnaceUp to 98% AFUE ratingModulating HeatENERGY STAR® qualified on all models
F80CTL Ion™ 80 Variable-Speed Gas Furnace80% AFUE ratingTwo-StageNot Qualified
F96CTN Ion™ 96 Variable-Speed Gas FurnaceUp to 96.7% AFUE ratingTwo-StageENERGY STAR® qualified on all models
F80CSU Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace80% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
F96VTN QuietComfort® 96 Gas FurnaceUp to 96.0% AFUE ratingTwo-StageENERGY STAR® qualified on all models
N95ESN Performance 95 Gas FurnaceUp to 96% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
N95ESU Performance 95 Ultra-Low Nox Gas FurnaceUp to 95% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
N92ESN Performance 92 Gas FurnaceUp to 92.1% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
N80ESN Performance® 80 Gas Furnace80% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
N80ESU Performance 80 Ultra-Low NOx Gas Furnace80% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
N80VSL Performance 80 Gas Furnace80% AFUE ratingSingle-StageNot Qualified
Arcoaire Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide - Additionally, for newly installed gas furnaces, precision tuning, and adjustment recommended for the startup. Check for tax rebates and energy credits from your government and local power provider for higher AFUE Energy Star Rated Gas Furnaces.

Arcoaire Warranties | ArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews

Arcoaire has a slight advantage with its warranties over other brands. That is brands that are not owned by United Technologies. Brands owned by United Technologies share nearly the same warranties. Arcoaire has a few No-Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranties depending on the model series. These warranties range from 5 to 10 years and come with the standard ten-year limited parts warranties on all gas furnaces. Additionally, the heat exchanger warranties range from 20 years to a lifetime. Always make sure you understand your warranties before purchase. Additionally, understand that the warranties cover parts but not labor.

For a gas furnace, the most important warranty is the heat exchanger. It is a costly repair, so you want to be covered. Additionally, for the higher-end premium models, we always recommend parts and labor warranty if available. Some ArocAire gas furnaces come with a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. Always read the terms and conditions, and don’t forget to register the warranty within the manufacturer’s specified timeline from installation.

Arcoaire Extras for the Upsell | ArcoAire Gas Furnace Reviews

Many manufacturers offer a communicating thermostat feature. The wiring for these types of thermostats is different than the standard type of conventional thermostat used for years throughout the industry. If you are getting a new system (with this feature) installed, we recommend the installation contractor, in addition to running the wire for the communicating thermostat, also run wire for a conventional thermostat. Arcoaire refers to their communicating thermostat as “The Observer Communicating Wall Control” or Ion System Control. Some nifty features of the thermostats include:

  • Touchscreen control
  • WiFi capabilities for remote monitoring and control
  • Local weather forecast
  • Smartphone app
  • Easy programming for setback schedules
  • Energy use tracking
  • System maintenance reminders
  • Zone control
  • Diagnostic capabilities

Importantly, remember these are communicating thermostats and are not like conventional thermostats. They are also proprietary thermostats. If something goes wrong out of warranty, you have to purchase a new Arcoaire thermostat from the dealer. That reduces your options and possibly increases replacement costs.

If something goes wrong with the communicating thermostat, you want to have the ability of wiring a new thermostat to make your furnace work. By having the wiring already in place, you avoid the time-consuming effort to run wiring to make it work. With wiring already there, a good technician can have the conventional thermostat installed, wired, and the furnace running within 30 minutes to an hour.

Arcoaire Furnace Buyers Guide

The old gas furnace is on the blink. You are frustrated and know its time for the ole out with the old and in with the new. So, where do you start the process of buying a new gas furnace? We have written a guide to help you through the process. Here are some tips from our buyer’s guide:

  1. Call at least three different contractors for three different bids.
  2. Make sure you see a load calculation before signing the contract. A contract with no load calculation means they guessed on the size. Guessing is bad and can cost you in the long run.
  3. Make sure a good evaluation of the ductwork is done. What good is new furnace if its hooked up to old leaky ductwork?

You can read all our tips on the HVAC Consumer Buyer’s Guide page for free.


Arcoaire Gas Furnace Model Comparison Chart

Arcoaire Gas Furnace Model Comparison Chart

Arcoaire History

Arcoaire is a part of International Comfort Products, which is owned by United Technologies. United Technologies is the parent company of Carrier, Bryant, and other HVAC brands.

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