ThermoPride Gas Furnace Reviews - ThermoPride is famous for its oilThermoPride Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings furnaces but ThermoPride does produce a full-line of HVAC products including gas furnaces to compliment the ThermoPride oil furnaces. For gas furnaces, ThermoPride offers several models of gas furnaces from 80% AFUE to fully modulating 97% AFUE gas furnaces. That’s it. ThermoPride only has a few models and claims that they don’t focus on competing with the competition in the HVAC market as much as they focus on quality.

ThermoPride Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

Some features of ThermoPride gas furnaces are:

  • Two-Stage gas furnace operation in the ThermoPride 90+% AFUE gas furnace for select gas furnaces
  • Fully modulating gas furnace with an ECM variable-speed blower motor for select gas furnaces.
  • Variable Speed direct drive blower motor in ThermoPride Premiere series gas furnace
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and it is transferable in select gas furnaces. Requires registration within 90 days of installation.
  • Silicon nitride igniter for direct ignition of the burners which means no pilot light to worry about
  • Powder-coated finish on the cabinet
  • Select models available in upflow, counterflow, and horizontal flow configurations. Additionally, ThermoPride offers a gas furnace for mobile home installations.

ThermoPride Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings


ThermoPride Gas Furnace Top AFUE Rating

  • ThermoPride Warranties as Compared to Other Brands 95% 95%
  • ThermoPride Quality as Compared to Other Brands 90% 90%
  • Consumer Opinion based on Field Experience 91% 91%
  • ThermoPride Efficiency Compared to Other Brands 82% 82%
  • Overall ThermoPride Opinion from a Technical Perspective 90% 90%

ThermoPride calls it their Spirit series gas furnaces. The Spirit series is their top-of-the-line gas furnace and is a modulating gas furnace which means it will give an output based on demand which is a good thing for the end consumer. A single-stage gas furnace will turn on and run at 100% and then when the thermostat satisfies it will shut down only to come on again when the thermostat calls for heat and run at 100%.

A modulating gas furnace can run at 40% or 60% or 100% based on the demand that the structure needs to keep a set point. This can equal savings for you as long as the system is installed and controlled properly. That means hiring a competent HVAC contractor to do the installation.

ThermoPride has been in business for more than 50 years and they take pride in producing low-cost high-quality HVAC equipment.

For more on ThermoPride and its latest model numbers and efficiency ratings please see the ThermoPride website.

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ThermoPride Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings