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Carrier Package Unit Reviews - Consumer RatingsCarrier Package Unit Reviews - Carrier package units come in a variety of configurations including hybrid heat pump package unit with gas heat for back up heat, air conditioner package unit with gas heat known as a gas pack, and air conditioner with electric heat as an option. Carrier produces a full-line of package units for residential, light commercial and commercial applications. Carrier commercial package units will be covered in a future planned section titled Commercial HVAC.

Carrier Package Unit Reviews - Consumer Ratings | The Hybrid Package Unit

Carrier residential and light commercial package units includes package unit heat pumps, straight air conditioner with electric heat, and gas packs - an air conditioner with a gas furnace package unit is typically referred to as a gas pack. Carrier also offers a hybrid package unit that has both a gas furnace and a heat pump with the Carrier state of the art controls selecting the best option to use for heating in the winter time. The hybrid package unit offers a two-stage compressor for both high demand and low demand situations. This is not as efficient as the newer modulating heating and cooling systems but for a package unit the hybrid package unit has higher ratings for heating and cooling efficiency than other package units offered from other manufacturers.

Various features of selected Carrier package units include:

Carrier has a wide selection of offerings in various efficiency levels. From the standard base line efficient model to the Hybrid very efficient models. Carrier also offers several commercial package systems from 5 tons all the way up to 100’s of tons.

Carrier Package Unit Top SEER Rating

Carrier Package Unit Reviews - Consumer Ratings | About Carrier

Carrier is owned by United Technologies which is the same parent corporation of Bryant, Heil, and Tempstar.

For more on Carrier and their latest models and efficiency ratings please see the Carrier website.

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Carrier Package Unit Reviews - Consumer Ratings

Package Unit Reviews

Carrier Package Unit Reviews - Consumer Ratings

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