Payne Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer RatingsPayne Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings. Payne offers gas furnaces for residential systems from 80% AFUE to 96% AFUE. Capacity for Payne gas furnaces ranges from 60k BTUh to 120,000 BTUh which makes it ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Most Payne gas furnaces are two-stage operations and have ECM variable-speed blowers. The variable-speed blower offers different airflow capacities for heating and cooling with programmable options for both*.

Of course, check with the dealer to make sure you are getting this feature if purchasing a Payne gas furnace with an ECM variable-speed blower. The benefit in the summer with an ECM motor is the dehumidification features. The less humidity in the summer the more cooler you feel. In the winter you want to add humidity to the air. That makes you feel warmer and it also has other benefits. However, you will need a humidifier to add to the humidity in the winter. That would be an add-on product if you purchase a new gas furnace from any manufacturer.

Payne Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

What is missing from the Payne gas furnace model lineup? A fully modulating gas furnace. The only offering Payne offers for gas furnaces is a two-stage and single-stage gas furnace. Other manufacturers offer fully modulating gas furnaces which do achieve a higher efficiency rating than what Payne offers. The difference is minimal for efficiency from the top Payne gas furnace to other high-efficiency models from other manufacturers. The difference is around 2% on the AFUE rating. Therefore, unless you are seeking a super-high efficiency rating then the Payne is good for you.


Payne Gas Furnace Top AFUE Rating

Various features of select Payne gas furnaces include:

  • Dual-fuel capable with a compatible heat pump
  • The variable-speed blower motor in select Payne gas furnaces
  • Engineered for quiet operation
  • Humidifier and air purifier compatible
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger and an aluminized–steel primary heat exchanger. Stainless steel is necessary for corrosion prevention as combustion gases are highly corrosive
  • Select Payne Gas Furnaces are ENERGY STAR rated
  • Direct spark gas ignition
  • Two-stage gas valve
  • 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty* and a 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty in select units

Energy Efficiency and Gas Furnace AFUE

Just because you spend extra money to buy a high AFUE gas furnace does not mean you will have true energy efficiency. There are many factors to getting true energy efficiency. Among these factors are:

  1. Proper installation of the gas furnace
  2. Ductwork Integrity
  3. Home Insulation including energy-efficient doors and windows
  4. Home humidity levels

For more information see our article on Gas Furnace Efficiency Factors

Payne Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide

Payne Gas Furnace Model Comparison
PG96VTA (Premium Model)PG92ESA (Mid-Range Model)PG80ESA (Economy Model)
Efficiency up to 96% AFUE Rating AFUE Rating up to 92.1%AFUE Rating 80%
Ten-Year Parts Limited Warranty10-Year Parts Limited Warranty10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
Efficient and quiet ECM variable-speed blower motorFixed-speed constant torque ECM blower motorFixed-speed constant torque ECM blower motor
Two stages of operationSingle-stage operationSingle-stage operation
Payne aluminized--steel primary heat exchanger, stainless steel secondary heat exchangerAluminized--steel primary heat exchanger, stainless steel secondary heat exchangerAluminized--steel primary heat exchanger
Variable-speed induced draft motorSingle-speed draft inducerSingle-speed draft inducer
Payne solid, pre-painted steel insulated cabinetSolid, pre-painted steel insulated cabinetSolid, pre-painted steel insulated cabinet
The Payne 20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty*20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty*20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty*
Meets ENERGY STAR Gas Furnace qualificationsN/AN/A
Ignition control is direct spark gas ignitionDirect spark gas ignitionDirect spark gas ignition
Two-stage gas valveSingle-stage gas valveSingle-stage gas valve
Payne Gas Furnace Model Comparison Guide - Additionally, for newly installed gas furnaces precision tuning and adjustment recommended for startup. Check for tax rebates and energy credits from your government and local power provider for higher AFUE Energy Star Furnaces.

Warranties | Payne Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

As always I recommend purchasing an extended part and labor warranty if available. Especially if you are purchasing top-tier equipment from any manufacturer. Additionally, the selection of the contractor is more important than the brand. Proper installation is essential for you to get longevity and efficiency from the equipment despite the warranty. Lastly, don’t forget to register the warranty within the deadline period after installation.

Buyers Guide | Payne Gas Furnace Reviews

Purchasing a new HVAC system can be a daunting task for some people. Relax, we have you covered. High Performance HVAC offers a free buyer guide to help you through the process. It covers the process and places where some contractors will try to cut corners. Here are a few excerpts from our buyer’s guide page:

  1. Always get a load calculation from each contractor in the bidding process. This will determine the size of the new HVAC equipment. Never, ever use the rule of thumb or the size of the current system. No guesswork. Your HVAC system is an important integral part of your home so get it right using industry-standard practices. Practices that are based on science and math.
  2. Get at least 3 different bids from separate vetted contractors. Evaluate the contractors and how they present themselves. Additionally, the lowest bid is not always the best bid.
  3. The contractor over the brand is the primary consideration.

Learn more in our HVAC Consumer Buyers Guide.

Gas Furnace Pricing, Efficiency, and Return On Investment (ROI) Factors

Pricing Versus Efficiency Return On Investment
EfficiencyPricing Range for Initial Purchase and Subsequent Repairs outside of WarrantyROI (Return On Investment)
95% AFUE Plus$$$$$5 to 7 years depending on efficiency %*
90% to 95% AFUE$$$7 to 10 years depending on efficiency %*
80% to 90%$Over 10 years*
*Many factors depend on ROI such as house insulation, personal usage preferences, ductwork integrity, and other essential efficiency factors. The furnace AFUE rating is a high factor in the return.

Is Payne a Good Furnace Brand? What is the Most Reliable Furnace Brand? | Payne Gas Furnace Reviews

In my opinion, Payne makes a good gas furnace. I’ve serviced these furnaces before and the customers seem to be happy with Payne. Of course, with any brand of furnace, installation is important. Proper installation aids in proper operation and efficiency. That enhances reliability for any brand of furnace. That answers the question: What is the most reliable furnace brand? The most reliable gas furnace brand is the furnace that is installed correctly. That makes choosing the installation contractor the most important decision over the brand.

About Payne | Payne Gas Furnace Reviews

DW Payne and his son began building furnaces in a converted barn in Los Angeles in 1914. Through the years they came up with innovative new designs and products. Eventually, they were purchased by Carrier and now Payne is in the family of HVAC companies run under the umbrella of United Technologies. Lastly, for more information and exact efficiency ratings visit the Payne website.

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Gas Furnace Reviews

Payne Gas Furnace Reviews | Consumer Ratings

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