HVAC Manufacturers Heating and CoolingHVAC Manufacturers | Heating and Cooling - Heating and Cooling Manufacturers are always improving the energy efficiency of their products using innovation and modern technology to help. HVAC manufacturers are required by the government to increase the efficiency ratings of equipment sold. Usually, this is a mandate passed down by Congress that will set a standard for a minimum efficiency of air conditioners and heating systems. Usually, this mandate is the result of manufacturers, the department of energy, and other industry concerns meeting and agreeing to a new minimum that is more efficient and utilizes less energy than previous models and designs.

HVAC Manufacturers | Heating and Cooling

HVAC manufacturers are responding to the challenges of the mandates and of increased energy costs by offering homeowners air conditioning and heating systems that have higher energy efficiency standards and reduce your energy usage thereby reducing your utility bills. The recent change in SEER ratings for air conditioning and heat pumps systems from 10 SEER minimum to a 13 SEER minimum is one example of this change. Other requirements by manufacturers are environmental in concern.
Refrigerant manufacturers are required by the Montreal Protocol, an agreement by numerous nations to eliminate the use of CFC’s and HCFC’s, to provide new types of refrigerants that are environmentally friendlier than previous types of refrigerants. The Montreal Protocol affected not only refrigerant manufacturers and HVAC manufacturers but also HVAC Contractors, HVAC technicians, and the end consumer. Anytime a major change in technology is made it always cost the end consumer because the manufacturers have to research new designs, retrofit their factories, and train all the people involved with the new technology. The end consumer will pay for this in increased costs.

HVAC Manufacturers | Heating and Cooling

Some HVAC manufacturers are now requiring their authorized distributors and contractors to use certified equipment representatives and service technicians. Manufacturers are not only working to improve the internal components and increase efficiency ratings of systems HVAC Manufacturers are requiring their dealers to sponsor factory educational opportunities for their technicians. It is in the Manufacturers best interest to train the technicians that service their equipment. In the future only certified HVAC technicians will be the only technicians working on HVAC equipment for certain manufacturers that are requiring these certification programs and education for the HVAC technicians that service their equipment.

A list of some of the biggest HVAC Manufacturers are: . AAON . Armstrong . Bard . Buderus . Burnham . Carrier . Cleaver Brooks . Coleman . Fedders . Florida Heat Pumps . Goodman . Heil . Lennox . Mammoth . McQuay . Rheem . Trane . Weil-McLain . York


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