Home Insulation And HVAC

Home Insulation And HVAC - Are you tired of inconsistency in your home temperature?

If your home gets extremely cold in winters and hot in summers, it is not the fault of your HVAC system. It happens due to poor insulation arrangement or installation. Most people do not know, but there is a close relation between home insulation and HVAC.

Blaming your HVAC insulation for temperature inconsistency in your house is not at all true and will certainly not help you with the solution.

What you need is to improve your home insulation if you want to save energy and improve HVAC efficiency. HVAC efficiency is reported to be enhanced with the accurate amount of well-installed insulation.

Let’s Read all about home insulation and HVAC. (more…)

Energy Star Water Heaters

Energy Star Water Heaters
Energy Star Water Heaters – Energy Star has specific criteria for the various water heaters available on the market. To meet these criteria, a manufacturer has to apply its product to Energy Star testing. Furthermore, they also pay a fee that is for costs. However, the charge is mainly for laboratory testing for the product.

The water heater is test tested for the Energy Star specific criteria, and the numbers calculated. Furthermore, if the water heater meets or exceeds the requirements, then the manufacturer can put the Energy Star label on the product. Additionally, the Energy Star name is a sales point for many different brands.



Buying a New HVAC System

Buying a New HVAC SystemBuying a New HVAC System - If you are in the unenviable position of trying to sell your home or if you expect to be putting your home on the market in the next couple of years, you need every edge you can get to help attract buyers and get a good offer on your home.

Upgrading the energy efficiency of your home can help you get that advantage and pay dividends in the form of lower energy costs until your home sells. Several recent studies have concluded that energy-efficient homes sell faster and at higher prices than less efficient homes. (more…)

Air Conditioner Maintenance | Maintaining Comfort

filter maintenanceAir Conditioner Maintenance | Maintaining Comfort - There are many things people neglect to take care of and before they know it whatever it is they neglected fails to work. That happens with air conditioners also. Of course, being a licensed and trained technician, I could tell you some horror stories from things I have observed when people neglect their air conditioner maintenance.

I will forgo telling you these horror stories and cover the nub of the subject of air conditioner maintenance. I’ll describe the basic things you can do yourself and then cover things you should call a professional to do. Real AC maintenance tips can save you money and keep you comfortable. What can be so bad about that? How did Johnny stop a Trane, you ask? Well, keep reading, and we’ll get to it. Stop yawning, and we’ll get to it okay? (more…)

Automatic Vent Dampers | HVAC Energy Efficiency

Single wall flue vent used on an atmospheric boiler.

Single wall flue vent used on an atmospheric boiler.

Automatic Vent Dampers | HVAC Energy Efficiency - Everyone wants to get the most out of their equipment whether it be for heating and cooling or anything else. If we can save a few bucks every month then it’s good we saved that money and energy for the future.

This article is applicable to those people with gas or oil furnaces, gas or oil boilers, and or gas or oil-fired water heaters. Basically, any appliance that burns fossil fuels and has a flue through a vent or a chimney this article is applicable to you and can save you money by saving energy.  (more…)

Closing Off Part of the House To Save Energy on HVAC | HVAC Efficiency

Closing Off Part of the House and HVACClosing Off Part of the House To Save Energy on HVAC - I have a Heil gas/electric package unit in my home. I, particularly, want to know, if I can close off a section to save on heating. Heating dealers have not been helpful as they hedge on whether and how this can be done with the system still running at its most efficiency.

I have closed doors to seal off the area. Then closed floor registers. Should I also close air return in that area? I just read this should not be done at all as it decreases unit efficiency? Will you please advise. I am thinking of closing off part of the house to save energy on HVAC. Thank you. (more…)