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Benefits of Building Automation Systems - Modern buildings use DDC controls for building automation systems. Building automation systems offer energy savings because they are energy management systems. These systems allow management to automatically control many processes involved with HVAC systems, lighting, and emergency systems. The systems are generally hooked up to the internet so monitoring and control can be done worldwide. (more…)

Direct Digital Controls Commissioning | Building Automation Systems

Direct Digital Controls Commissioning | Building Automation SystemsDirect Digital Controls Commissioning | Building Automation Systems - Preface –This article is not all-inclusive of everything required to properly commission a control system. I wrote this because of my observations of a colleague. The colleague called me in as a consultant to complete the controls commissioning. My colleague’s background was lacking in experience for controls, whereas my background does not suffer from this lack of experience in both controls engineering and commissioning control systems.

Anyhow, buckle your seat belts. It’s a long piece where I cover a lot of ground, although I feel it is not complete. It is simply too long to add to, and I will likely write an accompanying article in the future when I have time from my busy schedule. Comments are always appreciated in the comments section below.

Direct Digital Controls Commissioning | Building Automation Systems - On many commercial construction projects, the HVAC, lighting, electrical, and other systems including life and health are controlled by direct digital controls (DDC). Otherwise referred to as building automation systems (BAS), building monitoring systems (BMS), or energy management systems (EMS).

These systems can be complicated without proper understanding. It is vital before the building is turned over to the owner that these systems are correctly commissioned. Or otherwise set up and tested to ensure they operate correctly. That includes ensuring the operators are trained in its use and are given proper access levels to monitor equipment and systems DDC controls in the building. (more…)

DDC Control Loop | Building Automation

DDC Control Loop | Building Automation - Direct Digital Controls are nearly everywhere in commercial and some industrial processes. We have several articles here at High Performance HVAC, which describe the basics of DDC and how DDC works. There is also a page here concerning DDC, where we describe the process of DDC, including the DDC control loop.

We wanted to make the process a little simpler for the layman audience and to make it more helpful for the new HVAC technicians and Control Technicians to learn the process in simpler terms. In the basic control loop, we have input, processing, and output.

HVAC DDC Control Loop (more…)

Air Handler Equipment DDC Controllers | HVAC Control

Air Handler Equipment DDC ControllersAir Handler Equipment DDC Controllers – These controllers will control an air handler once the wiring is completed. The panel is freshly mounted and waiting for the technician to run the piping and pull the wire from the control points. Other points, such as outside air, temperature sensors in piping or ductwork, flow meters, actuators, or other control points can be terminated to these controllers and the data collected from those input points can be networked over the entire building automation system through the communication trunks. (more…)

How DDC Status Works – Methods and Types | HVAC Control

How DDC Status Works – DDC and Status – Is the Device On or Off

How DDC Status Works? DDC Status Methods and Types

This is a current switch sometimes referred to as a CT switch.

The basics of DDC include learning about the status of a fan or a compressor or pump. How does a DDC controller read the status of the device it is monitoring? There are several ways to prove a device is running and some pros and cons of each type of device used to monitor on or off status.

This is a basic DDC guide or reference to help a person understand the basics of DDC status and how it works. When one learns how DDC status works they can improve their troubleshooting skills.

Too many maintenance technicians and others including HVAC technicians don’t understand DDC systems or building automation systems and are therefore crippled when it comes to troubleshooting DDC systems.

High Performance HVAC hopes to change that and help HVAC techs and HVAC maintenance staff learn the basics of DDC systems including how DDC status works. Once someone understands the basics about DDC a light will turn on and they will see that DDC is not really rocket science.


Rooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control

Rooftop Economizer CO2Rooftop Economizer CO2 | HVAC Control – This damper is part of a free cooling system for a rooftop economizer. It is part of an economizer damper system that allows free outside air cooling when the outside air temperature and humidity are ideal. This economizer also works on CO2 control so that if the CO2 levels inside the space rise above a set point the economizer damper opens allowing fresh outside air into the building while venting the air laden with CO2 to the outside. (more…)

Building Automation Systems | HVAC Control

What you will learn from this Building Automation Systems article:

  1. The efficiency and conveniences Building Automation Systems add to the building control systems and HVAC systems
  2. How Building Automation enhances building energy savings and troubleshooting problems
  3. How allowing controllers to communicate with each other enhances HVAC and electrical systems
  4. Many of the benefits of Building Automation Systems for Building Automation and Building Control Systems
  5. Communication Protocols and Integration of HVAC Systems, Lighting, and other Building Control Systems
  6. Building Control System User Interface for Remote Monitoring and Control
  7. Monitoring Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency
  8. Lastly, resource and Related Links to help you learn more

Many people wonder what Building Automation Systems (BAS) can do. The primary use of BAS is commercial HVAC control systems and energy management system applications. Building Automation itself is an energy management system that saves management companies and building owners by efficiently controlling air conditioning and heating comfort and process systems.


BAS DDC Learning | HVAC Skills

BAS DDC Learning

Siemens Apogee DDC Controller

BAS DDC Learning | HVAC - HVAC Building Automation Systems (BAS) or Direct Digital Controls (DDC) is pretty much one and the same. Basically described BAS and DDC are combining air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, electrical loads, security systems, and life and safety systems to a computer and complex algorithms for better control over the systems. (more…)